Former radio ham plans Bitcoin CubeSat AMSAT-UK

Interview with JEFF GARZIK, Bitcoin Pioneer & Founder of Bloq, Metronome In Focus  Blockchain and Democratizing Space Signal: Ask-Me-Anything with Jeff Garzik and Zee Zheng HEX is Now Listed On The Exchange - Collin It ... Metronome — The World’s First Cross-Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Financial indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500 are well known. In the age of ETFs and ETNs, a core index is a requirement of the investment product. In the age of decentralized software, this will be further decoupled into networks of fact generators and verified algorithms. Creating an index such as the S&P 500 requires two primary components: Input data (stock ... Bitcoin to launch satellites as global 'backup' One of the main programmers working on Bitcoin is raising funds to send several satellites into orbit in order to make the digital currency more ... Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik is taking steps to set up a satellite system that would beam Bitcoin's block chain public ledger down to earth. Former radio amateur Jeff Garzik ex-KB4UZB plans to develop a CubeSat BitSat to distribute block chain data for the digital currency Bitcoin. Jeff’s amateur radio license expired in 2006 and in recent years during his spare time he has been a Bitcoin core-developer, contributing to the core Bitcoin protocol. He says that a satellite node ... Jeff: Dunvegan Space Systems is on a one-man mission to disrupt the spaceflight industry, through free market principles, bitcoin and engineering knowhow. My engineering background is software engineering in the Linux kernel and on the Internet. Networking. DSS’ aim is to bring networking to space. Although the latency will be measured in minutes not milliseconds, you should be able to ...

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Interview with JEFF GARZIK, Bitcoin Pioneer & Founder of Bloq, Metronome

#224 Jeff Garzik: Metronome – Of Bitcoin Satellites and Built-to-Last Chain-Hopping Tokens - Duration: 1:12:08. Epicenter Podcast 2,033 views. 1:12:08. EXCLUSIVE: Vitalik Buterin Talks About ... Yep, the infamous HEX coin is now listed on What does this mean for the company and Bitcoin Cash at large? Check out the latest crypto news on c... Hear quotes from Strategic Coin's exclusive management interview with Cryptocurrency Revolutionary Jeff Garzik. Full Article: Satellites are traditionally single owner and is stifling from a business perspective. Blockchain enables a high security sandbox between two space applications. Join Paul Brigner, JD, MBA ... Last month, we asked the community to send in their questions regarding the SpaceChain project. Co-founders Zee Zheng and Jeff Garzik took some time while at the Token Summit in New York to answer ...