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Bitcoin Buzz Feeds started as a Mobile Application and now diversified into the #1 content distributor proactively giving users that follow twitter, reddit, and news about Bitcoin-- instant access in real-time using smart devices. Bitcoin Buzz is now a community, where the group can collaborate, and discuss all types of news and bitcoin happenings in the industry.

UpTweet [Story]: Bitcoin Buzz Feeds Android App Update 2.0 is here!

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Bitcoin Buzz Feeds (Android App) now listed on

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Bitcoin Buzz Feeds - All-in-One Android App

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Reddit Decides Which Graphics Set 'Bitcoin Buzz Feeds' for its community app

Bitcoin Buzz Feeds has been resource provider to the Bitcoin community since its first launch in (Feb 2013) and today, redditors can decide which graphic sets we should use officially for the app.
The Graphic Sets are split into two parts with a matching Branded Logo and Mobile & Tablet Icon that you would click on to access the app
Bitcoin Buzz Feeds is an all-in-one connection to seamlessly access the latest news, resources, and discussions.
Set #1 or Set #2 ? You decide and tell us why!
Voting ends in 72 hours. I will tally up all the votes to find the winning designs.
Currently Available now on Google-Play - Bitcoin Buzz Feeds v3.1:
Latest App Screenshots:
Edit: /Bitcoin down for maintenance inside the app for new updates and glitch fixes.
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Bitcoin Buzz Feeds: Litecoin and Dogecoin to Join Forces for Charity

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Bitcoin Buzz Feeds (App) - Bitcoin Forum - The Unofficial Bitcoin Forum

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Apple has 'Rejected' this App because it had web links to Bitcoin Transaction businesses (CoinBase, BlockChain, Etc.)

What is wrong with a simple link to a website?
Rejected notice from Apple Developer Account:
Google has not given me a single problem for the past 1 year, and Apple has always rejected ALL of my App Submissions because they simply link to Coinbase,, BlockChain, and other related Bitcoin sites.
Bitcoin Buzz Feeds App is standing strong on Google-Play for the past 1 year without ANY rejections @
I've attempted fixing and resubmitting to Apple numerous times, and each time it is rejected. I changed enough of the links until one day, I decided to avoid Apple completely and stick with Google. Why? because why should I change my entire App to fit Apple's wants and needs. This is not what Bitcoin is about, and I will not change the way my app is just to please Apple when Google has no issues with it.
Two weeks ago, there has been some issues with uploading my latest patch to Google-Play, and the Google team has been working with me directly to resolve ALL my issues, and they know exactly what this app is about-- Bitcoin
Google is the winner in this story.
Google knows exactly what this app does for Bitcoiners -- since it provides News, Links, and Social Buzz updates in real-time, and they have been fully supportive the entire way.
I will be showing Google the support from the Bitcoin community in my following email. We will stand strong as a community, and stay loyal to those who respect Bitcoin to the fullest. Thank you Google!
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Pick the next bitcoin site to be added in this app in 24 hours

Bitcoin Buzz Feeds mobile app recently made an update on its changelog and progress:
App screenshots:
About this app: Bitcoin Buzz App has been in the Google Play store for over 1 year with the launch date of February of 2013- Version 1.1 Bitcoin Buzz. We have certainly come a long way. The app is in V3.3 currently, and we are deciding on which websites to be added in the next update V3.4 - We come to redditors to decide.
Official Google-Play store:
I will be selecting 1-3 new sites to be added for the next update in 24 hours.
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Vote a site into the Bitcoin Buzz App

Bitcoin Buzz Feeds mobile app recently made an update on its changelog and progress:
App screenshots:
About this app: Bitcoin Buzz App has been in the Google Play store for over 1 year with the launch date of February of 2013- Version 1.1 Bitcoin Buzz. We have certainly come a long way. The app is in V3.3 currently, and we are deciding on which websites to be added in the next update V3.4 - We come to redditors to decide.
Official Google-Play store:
I will be selecting 1-3 new sites to be added for the next update in 24 hours.
The more contributors we get the better it is.
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Bitcoin All-in-One Feeds App

Bitcoin Buzz Feeds is an All-in-One Mobile App on the Android: Google Play Market that seeks to provide the bitcoin industry with instant updates to important research information. This app will sync to keep you informed and updated daily!
Google Play Search: Bitcoin Buzz Feeds
This will be the official post on reddit about updates, news, and discussions strictly about Bitcoin Buzz Feeds.
Current Features: Wallet by News by Google News,,, (Articles), & All Things Bitcoins (Articles). Videos by YouTube. BTC Tips by MillyBitcoin Twitter Feeds /Bitcoin by Official Creator: @BitcoinFeeds
Community Involvement: The developer "AJ Leadz" T. has an open idea concept to allow the community to get involved in the future of app development (updates). We'll be accepting any input, feedback, and resources from Reddit users for further resources to anything related to Bitcoins. (e.g: bitcoin news, content, and articles.)
Know of any resources? Submit a link and why you think it should be included into the app as a resource.
Beta Testing Group (Private: Coming Soon) Soon we will be working closely with others in a beta testing group. As of right now, redditors can post there feedback and help get involved with the developer until the testing group is launched.
Launch date: 05/10/2013 as Beta 1.0 Current Version: 1.8
Download/Install/screenshots on the App page:
Beta Update (Coming soon) V1.9 on 05/20/2013 Try it out and let us know on this page!
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[Update V3.3] Bitcoin Buzz App - Multi Channel Resources

Tweeting screenshots from the official twitter at
Official Google-Play store:
Bitcoin Buzz App has been in the Google Play store for over 1 year with the launch date of February of 2013- Version 1.1 Bitcoin Buzz. We have certainly come a long way, and today's update is v3.3
App Changelog:
We are open to your suggestions, and resources for the next update. In Update v3.4, which websites do you want to see added into the Bitcoin Buzz app?
Edit: Updated with links of the screenshots from the official twitter feed @Bitcoinfeeds
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Welcome to /r/BitcoinBuzz

This is a Family and Organized Based Group. We will not tolerate spam, or user abuse. This subreddit is created to give users immediate access to the latest Bitcoin Buzz in the industry.
Invite anyone you want into /BitcoinBuzz This group will be a foundation to all the latest happenings in the industry, and you too can access valuable information instantly as it happens.
Bitcoin Buzz Feeds started as a Mobile Application and now diversified into the #1 content distributor proactively giving users that follow twitter, reddit, and news about Bitcoin-- instant access in real-time using smart devices.
Bitcoin Buzz is now a community, where the group can collaborate, and discuss all types of news and bitcoin happenings in the industry.
Official Subreddit URL:
Official Twitter URL:
Official Bitcoin Search Engine:
Official Bitcoin Buzz Feeds App:
Other apps by the owner of Bitcoin Buzz Feeds (Crypto Alliances):
Important Links Popular Bitcoin Forums:
Bitcoin BigFoot: for News:
Build Your Crypto Apps:
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List Your Recommendation into this Bitcoin Smart Devices App

I am accepting suggestions/Recommended websites for this Bitcoin Resource Central App. You decide what page/website/content is listed in the app. I am going to /bitcoin directly because I've been a supporter or /bitcoin since Feb 2013 when the app was first launched to the public for free.
Bitcoin Buzz App is an Information Technology Android Application for Smart Devices (Tablets and Smartphones). Source:
The App is developed to allow users easy access to the latest information about Bitcoin in real-time
I am going to offer free 14-30 days resource listing (left side of the app - navigation panel) for any website suggested here from /bitcoin members. Final approvals is up to me because I have to make sure its in the best interest of our users.
Give me a URL and a short description of the website
1) - Information about Bitcoins
2) - Social Discussions about Bitcoins
Start listing your recommended resources/websites and a description about it, and I'll get it added shortly.
Thread for BitcoinTalk Discussions:
Developer Apps: This App (Bitcoin Buzz - Android Tablets & Smartphones)
Bitcoin Buzz App Screenshots:
Donate some BTC to help this app out: 1L5FnCCRsQPBcecHmGuHvVvv1SyqBkTj8p
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myBitWorth gets featured on Bitcoin Buzz!

I'm proud to announce that, a free and simple way to track your crypto value, has been featured in the popular news app, Bitcoin Buzz.
I've got a lot of things planned for myBitWorth this year, and I'm glad to see services like this noticing the tool. It helps to develop a user base and features we all want to see.
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The Undiscovered Facts Behind Money Laundering, Cryptocurrency, and Banks

The Undiscovered Facts Behind Money Laundering, Cryptocurrency, and Banks
A week ago, a lot of documents known as the FinCEN documents were delivered, enumerating how the absolute greatest banks on the globe move trillions of dollars in dubious exchanges for suspected psychological militants, kleptocrats, and drug top dogs. Also, the U.S. government has neglected to stop it.
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN"), an agency inside the Treasury Department, accused of battling tax evasion, psychological militant financing, and other monetary violations. An assortment of "dubious movement reports" offers a window into budgetary debasement, and how governments can't or reluctant to stop it. Benefits from destructive medication wars, fortunes stole from creating nations, and hard-earned investment funds taken in Ponzi plans, all course through money related establishments, in spite of admonitions from bank workers.
These reports are available to US law enforcement agencies and other nations’ financial intelligence operations. Although FinCEN is aware of the money laundering activities, it lacks the authority to stop it.
Money laundering is more than a financial crime. It is a tool that makes all other crimes possible - from drug trafficking to political crimes. And banks make it all possible. In a detailed expose, BuzzFeedNews named several of the most trusted banks. Current investigations show that even after fines and prosecutions, well-known JPMorgan Chase JPM (+0.9%), HSBC, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of New York Mellon BK (+0.8%) are all involved in moving funds for suspected criminals.
The current money related framework generally protects the banks and its heads from the indictment, inasmuch as the bank documents a notification with FinCEN that it might be encouraging crime. The dubious movement alert adequately gives the banks a free pass. Thus, unlawful finances keep on moving through banks into different businesses from oil to amusement to land, further isolating the rich from poor people, while the banks we have developed to trust, make everything conceivable.
As indicated by the United Nations, the assessed measure of cash laundered universally in one year is 2 to 5% of the worldwide GDP, or $800 billion to $2 trillion, with more than thank 90% of illegal tax avoidance going undetected today.
Simultaneously, the cryptocurrency industry has likewise been condemned for being an apparatus for tax evasion, in spite of insights expressing something else. It is assessed that solitary 1.1% of all digital currency exchanges are illegal. During its initial days, Bitcoin was generally connected with the Silk Road, an online dim net commercial center, where clients could buy weapons and unlawful medications namelessly.
Be that as it may, with the developing utilization of the Bitcoin organization, 42 million Bitcoin wallets, and checking, it is getting progressively conceivable to follow exchanges on open blockchains, while private financial exchanges stay covered up on display.
This week, I had a chance to plunk down with Chanpeng Zhao "CZ", the Founder and CEO of Binance, the biggest cryptographic money trade by volume on the planet, to get his interpretation of illegal tax avoidance both in the customary and the computerized fund universes.
Coming up next are a couple of features from our meeting:
Much obliged to you for going along with us today, CZ. As you would see it, for what reason is illegal tax avoidance especially destructive to our economy?
CZ: As monetary administration suppliers, it is our obligation to battle unlawful action. Everybody shares this duty. Yet, regularly once the principles are set up, individuals will attempt to get around the guidelines. What's more, there are individuals who simply need more business, and knowing or unconsciously will encourage these exchanges. We live in an intricate world, where one nation may see a go about as criminal and the other may not. Many individuals have a high contrast see, yet the world is really dim. Not all banks are honest and not all crypto organizations are terrible.
The digital currency industry has experienced harsh criticism for encouraging unlawful exchanges. How would you think conventional money and digital currency businesses analyze in such manner?
CZ: If you are utilizing Bitcoin, it is a straightforward record. When you have a couple of exchanges, you can follow the assets right back to where the coins were mined. So along these lines, blockchain really gives a straightforward record to everybody to dissect. In the event that you piece together a couple of information focuses and do a group examination, it isn't that difficult for a calculation to break down the beginning. Security coins are more earnestly to follow, yet their market top isn't unreasonably high, making bigger exchanges more troublesome. So to be completely forthright, it is a lot simpler to make illegal exchanges utilizing fiat than utilizing crypto.
How might you analyze the volume of illegal exchanges in crypto versus fiat?
CZ: It's likely a thousand times less. Essentially, for any important measure of cash you need to move in the crypto, it is exceptionally difficult to move it namelessly. There are outsider checking devices and information bases that can coordinate a considerable lot of the addresses to known people. The digital currency market top is little to the point, that in the event that you are moving a $100 million dollars, you can't do as such without experiencing an incorporated trade, making it considerably simpler to follow.
The cryptographic money space overall was begun by Satoshi Nakomoto as to some degree a campaign against the defilement of banks. Remarkably, the beginning square of Bitcoin contained a commentary tending to the bailouts of banks in 2008 and 2009 ["The Times 3 January 2009 - Chancellor on edge of second bailout for banks."] Is that ethos still alive in the digital currency space today, the drive to bring down the enormous person?
CZ: I have even more a fair view here. Some in the crypto space are against banks, fiat, and so forth., while others think digital forms of money are utilized by drug masters. Those are two extraordinary perspectives. My view is that digital money offers opportunities - a further extent of opportunity in exchanges, ventures, property, reserve funds, and so on. We are simply offering another choice for clients who esteem that opportunity and control. I'm not against any bank or any single individual. I think crypto offers a higher opportunity of cash, and thusly we need to give more individuals admittance to crypto… If I don't care for the banks, I simply don't utilize them.
Where do you feel the equalization lies between the legislature securing its residents as opposed to encouraging advancement?
CZ: I accept governments ought to be public administrations. They ought to give streets and fire departments...Whenever there is government intercession, it is awful for the economy. At whatever point an administration encourages one gathering, it naturally harms another. The administration influences the parity of the economy giving assistance to a gathering that isn't sufficiently serious to remain alive. So at whatever point an administration rescues huge banks, or any business so far as that is concerned, they just appear as though they are making a difference. I have confidence in a free economy, and I buy into that way of thinking unequivocally.
Much obliged to you for your understanding, CZ.
More information about PrivateX:
PrivateX is a private wallet for sending, receiving, and storing your Bitcoin and Ethereum.
If you are interested in services, contact us [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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coinlib performance 2ı#performance
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coinlibanalyisis 2ı#analysis
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10 things in tech you need to know today

  1. Amazon invested in startups and gained proprietary information before launching competitors, often crushing the smaller companies in the process, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal spoke with startups who said Amazon made similar hardware and software products after purchasing stakes in the companies.
  2. Former Wirecard COO and fugitive Jan Marsalek appears to have deep ties to Russian intelligence, sources told Insider. "There's a million reasons [for the Russians] to get involved with Wirecard," a Dutch official told Insider. "Russian officials always need to move money to the West, and Wirecard was raising lots of money but not as much as they told investors.
  3. Intel's shares tanked 10% late Thursday after the chip giant announced that production problems have delayed the rollout of its next generation chips. Intel CEO Bob Swan said the company found "a defect mode" in its manufacturing process which will push back its production schedule.
  4. Facebook has undergone considerable internal strife, as its employees reckon with the firm's stance on refusing to remove posts from politicians containing lies or threats of violence, according to BuzzFeed. One engineer who left on July 1 posted in an internal goodbye note that he thought "Facebook is hurting people at scale."
  5. Trump ads on Facebook claiming 'TikTok is spying on you' reached up to 5 million Americans and targeted younger voters. In the five days between July 17 and July 21, accounts tied to Donald Trump's campaign posted 450 separate adverts on Facebook and Instagram lambasting TikTok for spying on users and siphoning data to China.
  6. Tesla stock rose on Thursday after the company made a profit for the fourth quarter in a row. Elon Musk's electric-car company reported $104 million in net income, a big improvement from its $408 million loss in the second quarter of 2019.
  7. Twitter shares spiked as much as 5.8% on Thursday after the social network reported record growth in daily active users in the second quarter. The company added 20 million users in the period, fueling a 34% year-on-year increase in its userbase to 186 million.
  8. The UK is hoping its next $50 billion tech success story after fintech will be law. London is home to 44% of Europe's law startups and the city has been flagged by The Law Society as one of 10 emerging "lawtech" ecosystems.
  9. Analytics startup Quantexa has $65 million in a Series C funding round led by Evolution Equity Partners – and backed by HSBC and Accenture. With hundreds of clients in more than 70 countries, including HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, Quantexa uses the advancements in big data and AI to uncover hidden risk and opportunities across financial crime, credit risk, and fraud.
  10. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has filed a complaint against YouTube over an ongoing bitcoin scam using his image and likeness as well as those of other tech executives. The lawsuit comes after several high-profile executives, celebrities, and politicians had their accounts taken over as part of a bitcoin scam on Twitter.
Link to article
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The Chinedu Saga, Or How The Establishment Media Lies to Protect Establishment Candidates (Long OC)

Well, the media seems to have gotten away with burying another inconvenient story. It's only taken barely 24 hours and the Chinedu saga has already been declared a hoax perpetrated by those awful Bernie Bros online.
Word first got out about this odd controversy when one Twitter user feralHogs420 (credit where it's due) noticed some discrepancies in a Twitter account that claimed to be a Pete Buttigieg supporter from Nigeria (I guess he does better with African Africans than African Americans lol).
This person's profile (now deleted), who had no profile photo of himself, seemed to have followed Buttigieg's comms director, Lis Smith first, before anyone else, even Pete himself. Seems a bit odd for someone who is not supposed to be connected in any way to Lis Smith. He also said he was Lis in one post that he later chalked up to merely being an inside joke among the campaign.
He appears to have only followed mostly Buttigieg campaign-related profiles located in the United States and only three accounts that are geotagged to Nigeria, quite telling for someone who is supposedly living in Nigeria. This faceless account was also connected to a Reddit account which had a post about sock puppets and Bitcoin amongst an otherwise sparse post history. He woke up at five pm and went to bed when it is morning in Nigeria.
He also has had some quite humorous Twitter exchanges with Lis Smith, considering the official story that he is just a random supporter following the campaign from Nigeria while she is a totally unrelated head honcho of the campaign, such as posts where he compliments her appearance or commending her wise strategy in perfect American English, with her telling "him" thanks in return. He also said he loves "wine and dancing" in his bio and apparently has an affinity for using the word "chutzpah," just like Lis Smith.
The English part is perhaps not surprising, considering that it is used in Nigeria due to its' colonial past, yet at the same time his knowledge of intricate political machinations and terminology surpasses that of most Americans, which is puzzling for an otherwise elusive Nigerian. Yet, it would make sense if it was really written by someone inside Pete's campaign.
When this story began to gain traction in the twittersphere, the Establishment media was quick to refute these allegations first by claiming to contact whoever was behind the account in question and effectively asking the person who has access to the email, "Are you really who you say you are?" And then when they said, "Yes, yes, I am." They said, "Well seems good enough for me."
It was good enough for at least BuzzFeedNews, who went so far as to definitively state they have proven the identity of Chinedu as not Lis Smith, who then had their story repeated by Newsweek. Slate went so far as to supposedly video chat with this character, which in many people's minds may have sealed the deal on his authenticity. Yet no mention was made of the possibility that the person they spoke to was an impostor given the login credentials of Chinedu by Smith and co. so that he can "prove" to the reporter through FaceTime that he has that access to the profile and thus is the real Chinedu. So how do we know that this supposed Nigerian they spoke to was a real, as it is entirely possible and probable that if someone in Pete's campaign was about to get caught in an instance of digital blackface, they would double down by finding someone in the United States to play the role of Chinedu? And how do we know they spoke to anyone at all and aren't just making the entire source up, as media outlets have been caught doing in the past?
And then it comes out that the BuzzFeed writer who wrote the piece exonerating Smith is actually friends with Smith and they have multiple instances of chatting amiably via Twitter. Is this really an unbiased source and one that we can trust, especially considering that Liz Smith retweeted her friend's article within one minute of it being published?
This is how the truth is laundered and whitewashed (or blackwashed, in this case) through the establishment media, who all know each other and who all are corrupt and thus willing to lie for each other, because were one to go down, they would all go down. Thus Mayor Pete, the seeming favorite of both the CIA and a huge chunk of the mockingbird media, is being protected at the expense and victimhood of truth.
And people, including some prominent blue checkmarks who originally broke the story chose to bow their head down, tuck their tail between their legs, and submit to the quote-unquote "official story" now handed down from on high rather than be seen as some sort of left-wing analog to a Qanon crazy or conspiracy theorist. This is how solidified their monopoly on the narrative is: that once they set it through a mouthpiece or organ of the party like Newsweek or BuzzFeedNews, the rest marches into lockstep and abandons their previously held but now heretical beliefs, even in contrast to the facts they see with their very own eyes.
Seriously, we know how prevalent astroturfing is the history of Pete's campaign, and not just his campaign but modern-day politics in general. Let's be real. This is something I am sure all campaigns are doing, so why are we acting all surprised and refusing to see the truth when one communications director gets caught using this exact technique? Are we living in a post truth world? And is there any "smoking gun" evidence that could be proffered regarding this fiasco that would be so insurmountable that the even the Buttigieg campaign would be forced to admit to using digital blackface and then lying about it?(think like how the Iranian govt was forced to admit to downing 751 after initially denying in the wake of twitter users surfacing firsthand video of the strike)
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Weekly Update: First ParJar Pilot Class, Constellation partners with Chainlink, $BAT on 2gether, Pynk on BlockMAG... – 11 Oct - 17 Oct'19

Weekly Update: First ParJar Pilot Class, Constellation partners with Chainlink, $BAT on 2gether, Pynk on BlockMAG... – 11 Oct - 17 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (11 Oct - 17 Oct'19):

The first ParJar Pilot Class is officially off to a roaring start with 5 amazing projects and their communities. Here’s to a great future. This was the perfect occasion to announce a ParJar Battle Royale for our ParJar Pilot partners. Blood will be spilled next week. Pow! ParJar now has almost 20k active users. It works in 400+ communities and has seen 400k+ transactions. Say what! Par4Par lottery entered stage 5 this week. The stakes are even higher. 250k $PAR in prizes. Dang! Reflecting on Vitalik Buterin’s observation, Cap says: “...we’ve done things in reverse here at Parachute - we grew an amazing community around exploring ideas and built our tech to meet what they needed”. What are your thoughts on buying houses for USD 1 each in an Italian town for building the Parachute village? Cap’s recommendation. Haha.
Andy’s Advent calendar. Each window is a 16.9 oz can of beer. Sweet!
We saw Tiproom become the 17th most active group on Telegram a few weeks back. Well, hold on to your pants because it is now the 12th most active group. Whoa! A big reason for the group’s constant buzz are the amazing trivias hosted by the TTR crew. This week was no different. Doc Victor’s Sunday medical trivia had 8 Qs, 3k $PAR each. This was a quiz with a twist. In Doc’s words: "..beware, in each question they will have to diagnose a case based on symptoms and signs that I will give them". Noice! Charlotte’s Tuesday Trivia had 10 questions with a 25k $PAR prize pool. Another trivia by Victor (not the Doc) had another 10 Q’s, 2500 $PAR each. Listened to the TTR theme yet? DJ Jose in da house with a rocking theme. Wicked! Congratulations to Mario for winning the pet contest in TTR. Sebastian made a compilation video of all the entries. Awww!
Let’s see if Cap’s guerrilla marketing at Burger Joint in NYC gets us a new Parachuter
Victor’s Friday trivia at aXpire was the usual 10 Q, 100 $AXPR per Q affair. And like always, super duper fun! If you missed news from Week 41 at aXpireverse, Joakim’s got your back. Check out his video to catch up. CEO Gary Markham travelled to India this week to prepare for the Bilr release. Click here to track the latest 20k $AXPR burn. Plus, a featured article by Hosting Advice was pretty cool. 2gether added Basic Attention Token ($BAT) support to the app this week. Let the $BAT spending begin! Use the invite code: paywithbat to get 100 $2GT free when you sign up for the app. Know of a startup that’s going to Malta Blockchain Summit? Let the XIO crew know since the team will be attending along with Uptrennd. Benjamin’s tutorial video on market cycles with the BOMB token as case study was riveting and full of useful info. This week’s Dash-walk-the-talk discussion revolved around getting unstuck as an entrepreneur. After taking inputs from the community 2 weeks back, the BOMB Board finalised on the team and way forward to manage the BOMB Instagram. For the latest update on the Birdchain app, click here. Congratulations to Bounty0x for crossing 2.5x of its funding goal on Republic with more than 2 months to go. Voyager is offering a 5% annual interest on ETHOS tokens held on their platform. Read more about it here. The news was also covered by SludgeFeed. Wendy O shared her usability experience of Voyager as well.
Bitcoin ATM in Alexis’ neighbourhood. Cool!
The McAfeeDex launched last week is off to a tremendous start. Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver spoke briefly on it in a news roundup video. 6 portals are live already. If you’re still wondering how to list your token on the Dex, here’s a simple guide from the man himself. Binance Chain support coming soon! SwitchDex is now trackable on DappRadar and State of the DApps. The team has set up a dedicated TG group for folks wanting to BUIDL on SwitchDex. Also, Callisto Network is slated to do a security audit of the McAfeeDex contracts. Great stuff! Peeps who missed the Fantom AMA with G.Crypto from 2 weeks back, can catch up from the transcript released this week. The latest technical update is detailed and covers all major changes in code. Uptrennd started a new video intro contest for a 2500 $1UP prize pool. Woot! Full transcript of Jeff’s interview with OmiseGo CTO Kasima from few weeks back was released this week. $1UP can now be spent in tons of retail chains thanks to a newly forged partnership with MobiePay. Last week we saw Jarau buy a laptop with his Uptrennd earnings. This week we learnt about Zubair buying a mobile phone with his $1UP earnings. Neat! The latest biweekly Dev update and weekly District update from Ditrict0x covers news such as Ethlance redesign, Meme factory NSFW filter etc.
Uptrennd continues to breach new heights on Alexa rankings every week

OST has set up a community slack to coordinate all Pepo related feedback received for the Pepo app. So join in if you want to help out! Did you know that Pepo is home to some of the most influential people in crypto? This week, we heard from Ethereum and Coinbase investor Bobby Goodlatte. The app crossed 20k P2P transactions and is now live in both app stores. The first such with micro-transactions, in-app purchases and cash-out options for crypto. Few weeks back, the Sentivate community chose to burn tokens (vs a raffle). This week, they voted on how many to burn. The $SNTVT crew sat down for a live Q&A with Bit Shaman this week. The team also wrote about possible future use-cases of the Universal Web with short story threads.’s review of the project also came out this week. Constellation announced that it is joining Chainlink as a new node operator in order to stream enterprise data to Chainlink’s smart contracts. Click here for the PR release. The technical overview paper gets into details of what the partnership means for both companies. Bags Token hosted an AMA this week in their Telegram group. Hope you had an opportunity to get your doubts cleared. Community member Con built a $BAGS-centric image/gif board called bagsbook. Check it out! In a bit of a sobering news, Scroll (XD Token) ceased business operations this week.
Constellation will act as an oracle for Chainlink by streaming verified data to the network
Pynk was featured in the latest edition of the BlockMAG published by the Malta Blockchain Summit. COO Rupert Barksfield was invited by NatWest to speak on how to get traction for tech projects. Rupert’s interview by Ayo News where he explains how AI and crowd wisdom works in tandem at Pynk came out as well. Pynk Tank is Pynk's very own think tank intiative which hosts meet ups, panel discussions, podcasts with entrepreneurs, thought leaders etc. Their latest event was this week. Folks who are yet to figure out what Pynk does can read co-founder Zack Yurtsever’s article that explains it all. Following up on the Hydro Vault sneak peek from last week, check out its detailed update on the dev front. How can the Hydro platform be used to get acceleration for your fintech product? Click here to read how. Co-Founder Mike Kane travelled to the AWS Loft in NYC for the Shearman & Sterling Empire Startups Demo Day event to showcase Hydro’s fintech solutions. $HYDRO got listed on the Coinone exchange. This will be $HYDRO's first IDR fiat on-ramp. With bZx joining the Hydro dApp store this week, it now has an impressive line up of partners. Thanks to the massive community push, $HYDRO will be listed on Atomic Wallet in its next release. For a quick summary of the latest news from Hydroverse, click here. Most of these have already been covered in our updates. Silent Notary conducted the first ever speedtest of its IDL network. The team published the results and steps to optimise the code. In its current state, the network is able to execute 5-12 transactions per second. The first version of the SelfKey Corporate Wallet was launched this week. The corporate wallet will allow you to purchase digital services for your business in the future. Plus, a partnership with ChangeNOW allows easy crypto swapping from the marketplace.

And with that, we close for another week in the Parachuteverse. See you soon with another update. Cheers!
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World Carnivore Month is January 2019! Info dump inside!

Hey all!
Our subreddit has grown CONSIDERABLY in the last year - 2018 was a huge year for the zerocarb carnivore movement, and it started through the success of World Carnivore Month at the beginning of 2018! Tens of thousands of people joined Facebook groups, and 50,000 people subscribed to this subreddit! Hundreds are talking about the carnivore diet on Twitter - you can see if someone is a carnivore by checking if they have ©️ in their name, like mine! hyper©️arnivore
Surprisingly, this is a very old diet that has centuries of history.
We have multiple doctors not only suggesting that people try a carnivorous zerocarb diet, but are even doing it themselves and realizing they too have been conned by the health and nutrition establishment.

Doctors such as:

Supporting evidence that the following doctors recommend Carnivore Diet or close to it.
Dr. Shawn Baker - u/shawnbaker1967
Dr. Ken D Berry
Dr. Jay Wrigley
Dr. Anthony Jay
Dr. Kevin Stock
Dr. Christian Assad
Dr. Paul Saladino
Dr. Robert Pastore
Dr. David Unwin
Dr. Michael Eades M.D.
Dr. Tro Kalayjian - u/DoctorTro
Dr. Paul Mason
Dr. Csaba Toth
Dr. Anthony Chaffee
Dr. Georgia Ede
Dr. Ted Naiman
Dr. Gary Fettke
Dr. Ben Bikman
Dr. Peter Ballerstedt
Dr. Nevada Gray
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Dr. Bret Scher
Dr. Paul Mabry
Dr. Darren Schmidt - D.C.
Dr. Steven Horwitz - D.C.
Dr. Cameron Sepah
Dr. David Baldes M.D.
Nutritionist Amy Berger
Professor Timothy Noakes
Professor Stuart Phillips
Journalist Nina Teicholz
Ph.D candidate Miki Ben-Dor

Facebook Groups have grown substantially! - World Carnivore Tribe started by Dr. Shawn Baker - Zeroing In On Health started by Charles Washington 8 years ago - Principia Carnivora started by Michael Frieze 3 years ago - 100% Carnivore...and Beyond! started by Phil Escott this year - Carnivore Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet Support Group - Carnivore/Keto Diet - Autistic Carnivores - Animal Fat RX - RAW-some Zero Carb Carnivore Sanctuary - Women Carnivore Tribe - Carnivore Corner - Keto Carnivore IF - Zero Carb Doc started by Dr. Paul Mabry - Zero Carb: Living the Good Life


The Carnivore Diet for Mankind - HD - Star - Emoji Advice of what to eat / drink, Polls, Podcasts, Books - Zoom in to see the small text in this HD photo
Homo Carnivorus - Part 1 :
Homo Carnivorus - Part 2 :
StarChart -
CarnivoreDietAdvice -
Podcasts -
Books -
Polls -

Websites - Read about The Bear - who coined the 'zerocarb' nomenclature and did the diet for 53 years until his untimely death in a car accident. - Michael Goldstein @bitstein - Dr. Kevin Stock
https:/// - N=1 Anecdotes (@bitstein and @sbakermd run it) - L Amber O'Hearn - Dr Georgia Ede,5.0/sort,views/desc.html - Tons of old forum posts about various topics! - Don't Eat That! Blog
A history of Nutrition Science
Part 1 (1785-1885): 2 (1885-1912): 3 (1912-1944): 4 (1945-1985):" I like to go back and re-read these articles on occasion to refresh my understanding of the Keto lifestyle. Many people aren't aware there there is a long unbroken string of professionals that have been using low carbohydrate interventions to combat obesity dating all the way back to the 1860s. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather shows a "lineage of thinking" that got us to where we are today. Some of these publications are hard to find now, so I leave them here for you to enjoy:


Giant Booklist!
New Books!

YouTube Channels

Frank Tufano
Shawn Baker
Low Carb Down Under
Primal Edge Health
Dr. Eric Berg DC
Ancestry Foundation
The Raw Primal Family
Daphne Reloaded
Thomas DeLauer
The Weston A Price Foundation
Dr. Darren Schmidt
Phil Escott
Ken D Berry MD
Physicians for Ancestral Health
Public Health Collaboration
Fat Fueled Family - Danny Vega
Crohn's Colitis Vitality
Vegetable Police
What I've Learned
Tuit Nutrition - Amy Berger
Keto Connect
Full Range Strength - Don Matesz
Dr. Nick Zyrowski
Dr. Paul Saladino
Autism and the Carnivore Diet
Rob Stuart


CarnivoreCast Performance Outliers (Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter) Human Lab
Fitness Confidential
Low Carb Cardiologist with Dr. Bret Scher
Diet Doctor Podcast (has video)
Dr. Peter Attia - The Drive
2 Keto Dudes
The Keto Savage
Low Carb MD
Zero Carb Journal

Crowd Funded Science

Get a $169 TeloMere kit and do the Carnivore Diet strictly for 3 months and then send in results(or don't)! Free tracking app designed for Carnivore Diet

In the News!

ABC News Good Morning America : What to know about the trendy, meat-only 'carnivory' diet By ABC NEWS Jul 27, 2018, 8:51 AM ETSFChronicle - Tech workers seeking an edge on peers turn to all-meat ‘carnivore diet’
INC: Steak Is the New Salad: Why These Techies Are Embracing an All-Meat Diet Your Coinbase account should be accompanied by steak and bacon, according to these cryptocurrency luminaries. Sept 22, 2017
Vice : Inside the World of the 'Bitcoin Carnivores' Why a small community of Bitcoin users is eating meat exclusively. Sept 29th, 2017
Global News Canada : Danielle Smith: If you want to improve your health, eat more meat January 12, 2018
INC: I Ate Nothing but Meat for 2 Weeks. Here's What It Was Like @sonyaellenmann
The Guardian: They mock vegans and eat 4lb of steak a day: meet 'carnivore dieters' An extreme, all animal-based diet is gaining followers in search of heightened productivity, mental clarity, and a boosted libido. But experts express doubts @oliviasolon Fri 11 May 2018 04.00 EDT
National Post: Meat, meat, and more meat: Extreme, animal-only 'carnivore diet' gaining followers Enthusiasts of the all-meat diet include a group of self-proclaimed 'bitcoin carnivores' May 15, 2018
Healthline : This Woman Says Meat-Only Diet Eased Her Autoimmune Disease Symptoms Mikhaila Peterson took the keto diet one extra step by eliminating veggies and eating only meat. She says it cured several illnesses. Experts aren’t convinced. Written by Gigen Mammoser on June 3, 2018
PureWow : What Is the Carnivore Diet (and Should You Try It)? By ALEXIA DELLNER | JUN. 27, 2018
'Vegans Are Sacks Of Sh*t But They Are Winning' Carnivore Ex-Doc Blasts Jul 18, 2018
NYPost : New diet claims you can lose weight eating only steak and burgers July 24, 2018
Eggs and bacon for breakfast, burgers for lunch, steak for dinner: Man says ‘carnivore diet’ has helped him lose weightPOSTED 8:50 PM, JULY 29, 2018, BY FOX NEWS WIRE SERVICE,
BuzzFeed News : Jordan Peterson Says Meat Cured His Depression. Now His Daughter Will Tell You How It Healed Her Too — For A Fee. Posted on July 31, 2018
PopSci : Please do not try to survive on an all-meat diet By Sara Chodosh August 2, 2018
The Daily Meal: The Carnivore Diet Is the Wildest Weight Loss Craze of All Time August 3, 2018 By Holly Van Hare
Repost to News.Com.Au : New diet claims you can lose weight eating only steaks and burgers AUGUST 5, 2018
PETA Takes Life Insurance Policy Out On A Carnivore Dieter, Hopes To Turn Him Vegan
I'm a Registered Dietitian and I Really Don't Want You to Eat a Carnivore Diet August 7th, 2018

Related Subreddits


Upcoming Conferences on Low Carb, Keto, Carnivore

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Mission: Reporting to you. Download the BuzzFeed News App: iOS: Android: Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this episode. We've been super curious about the power of cryptocurrencies so Matt and Thomas decided to test its capacities... B... Bitcoin is a software-based payment system described by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and introduced as open-source software in 2009. Payme... "I invested in Bitcoin!!!" Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! 18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business