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At LeWeb London waiting for Bitcoin Panel featuring Martin Bryant, The Next Web, Anthony Gallippi, Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay, Shakil Khan spotify, Roger Ver "Bitcoin Jesus" what kinds of questions should I ask in the Q&A?

Panel description:
Moderated by Martin Bryant, Managing Editor, The Next Web
Anthony Gallippi, Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay Shakil Khan, Head of Special Projects, Spotify Roger Ver, Founder & CEO,
The definition is: Bitcoin is an experimental, decentralized ditigal currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. The result? Lots of controversy and questions! This panel of experts gets to the bottom of it all.
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Who are the most prominent, influential people of the Bitcoin world?

Who are the most widely known people who promote Bitcoin and its interests? I am talking about developers, miners, journalists, and traders. Who do you recognize as the leading voices?
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06-17 22:14 - 'Biggest known bitcoin hodlers' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/trakatan removed from /r/Bitcoin within 10-20min

I'm trying to find out who are the biggest bitcoin hodlers:
- Satoshi: around 1M
- Qiwi employee who mined half million bitcoins (sources say then lost them all, but not sure about it...)
- Bulgaria (country): 213,519 bitcoins were seized in 2017
- Winklevoss brothers: 1% (210,000 bitcoins)
- Barry Silbert: 48,000 Bitcoins
- Tim Draper: 30,000 bitcoins
- "Mr. Smith": 1,000 bitcoins [source]1
- 50 Cent: 700 bitcoin
- Erik Finman: 300 bitcoin

Who is missing?

More big hodlers with undisclosed quantities:
- Chamath Palihapitiya: The venture capitalist said he and two other friends in Silicon Valley at one point in 2013 owned 5 percent of the entire float of bitcoin.
- Bill Miller put 1 percent of his net worth into bitcoin in 2014
- Brock Pierce
- Valery Vavilov
- Dan Larimer
- Anthony Di Iorio
- Brendan Blumer
- Tony Gallippi
- Matthew Roszak
- Brian Armstrong
- Matthew Mellon
- Changpeng Zhao
- Joseph Lubin
- Chris Larsen
- Charlie Shrem
- Roger Ver
- Blythe Masters
- Dan Morehead
- Michael Novogratz
Biggest known bitcoin hodlers
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The next big bitcoin announcement (A possible scenario)

So I was thinking where the next likely surge is going to come from in terms of game-changing announcements.
I can't see any big fish like Ebay / Paypal jumping in for quite some time. It's wayyy too early in the game for them to be too concerned by the BTC userbase (though that doesn't mean they're not exploring biz opportunities and prototyping as I speak).
With the announcement that Anthony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay is going to give a presentation at the huge Adult Industry XBIZ summit in a few weeks I think it's worth exploring what the likely outcome of this may be for bitcoin.
The current obstacle facing mass bitcoin adoption in the Adult sphere is due to them being tied in with CCBill (not just for payments, but for re-billing and webmaster and affiliate services).
I see some kind of bitpay/CCBill partnership as being a perfect union - bitpay would be able to distance their traditional retail sector support from the murky world of porn, whilst tapping in to a ready-made audience. The advantage to CCBill would be they can utilise bitpay's already well established BTC infrastructure to facilitate transfer and fiat exchange.
The net result would see pretty much every single adult site bitcoin enabled in one fell swoop. Naturally, were this to happen, BTC adoption would skyrocket.
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Maximum Bitcoin transaction rate only 7 per second?

In the hearing today Anthony Gallippi mentioned that the entire Bitcoin network only has the capacity to handle 7 transactions per second. Is this true? What are the reasons for this and what are people doing about it?
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Tony Gallippi, BitPay CEO @ Bitcoin Job Fair Tony Gallippi, CEO of Bit-Pay Bitcorati Interview Series : Anthony Gallippi - Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay BitPay Cofounder Tony Gallippi Talking Bitcoin & Bitcoin Bowl on Bay News 9

Interview with Anthony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay Discover how BitPay alongside the phenomenon of the crypto currency Bitcoin is revolutionising the financial and currency markets . Published by Editorial team, last update Sep 1, 2019. Editorial note : Bitpay has grown to 6 offices and 80+ employees since this interview (April, 2017). Originally from Baltimore, Anthony went to the Georgia ... Anthony Gallippi, better known as Tony Gallipi, is one of the Co-founders of BitPay Inc. Bitpay is one of the most popular companies offering financial services for Bitcoin users. Gallippi completed a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is quite experienced in the marketing and sales area. He has more than 15 years of experience in the area ... In the Bitcoin Space, I think this is unarguable. 1 ... Anthony Gallippi Ingénieur chez exhelia. Colmar. Anthony Gallippi. Anthony Gallippi Real Estate Agent at Century 21 Fine Living Realty ... Anthony Gallippi. On the C-SPAN Networks: Anthony Gallippi is a Chief Executive Officer for the BitPay with one video in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a 2013 Senate Committee. ... Tony Gallippi is the co-founder of Bitpay, one of the largest and earliest bitcoin payment-processing companies. Gallippi founded the company with Stephen Pair in 2011 to encourage and provide a ...

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Tony Gallippi, BitPay CEO @ Bitcoin Job Fair

FTJ talks to Tony Gallippi, CEO & Co-Founder of Bit-Pay, a Orlando-based startup that provides mobile payment solutions. Tony Gallippi talks about bitcoin and the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl on Bay News 9 on September 15th, 2014. Money & Tech's Rebecca Ahn caught up with Tony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay, who were major sponsors of the Bitcoin Job Fair at the Plug And Play Center in Sunnyvale, California. Tony talks about where ... Anthony Gallippi is the co-founder and CEO of BitPay. Listen as Anthony shares with us his professional background how he first got involved with bitcoin, and his interest and excitement about the ... Anthony Gallippi is the co-founder and CEO of BitPay. Listen as Anthony shares with us his professional background how he first got involved with bitcoin, and his interest and excitement about the ...