Bitcoin Stickers Redbubble

FREE Bitcoin Bumper stickers for your car. "Accepted Here" Window decals for your Business.

Edit:: The bumper stickers are gone. Only have the 'Accepted Here' window and indoor stickers for business owners.
I have a pile of these things and they need to be put on bumpers of cars. Maximum 1-2 per person please. And only if you really plan to put one on your car.
If you own a business, and want a "reverse sticky" Bitcoin - Accepted Here sticker for your windows, I have those too. These things need to be put to good use. Not helping awareness by sitting on my desk.
PM me on here with your address.
I bought a bunch thinking I would distribute them locally but that has not panned out. Be happy to pop one or two into an envelope to you.
Here's a youtube video for the paranoid:
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[serious post...please read to help us reach the moon] Website and advertising proposal to gain awareness.

Hello Shibes before I begin I want to give a big shout-out to Darthfuzzy for his post about Dogecoin leadership—he helped give me the courage to write this post. Anyway I know I’m not an overly active user, but I’m still dedicated to Dogecoin—I’ve participated in community events, built a mining rig to dig for Doge, and have bought a lot of the currency. Earlier this week, I shamefully became discouraged as the price of Doge plummeted (of course, this meant that I simply bought more doge…but I was still worried). That got me and one of my close friends thinking—what could we do to help the Doge community?
Here it is fellow Shibes: my friend and I want to start a Doge advertising website. We would start small—maybe just post some online ads or buy bumper stickers to distribute to the Doge community. Over time however we hope to grow. It would be awesome if we could start putting up billboard ads, radio/TV advertisements, or even find a way to advertise Dogecoin that rivals Dogecar.
Our advertisements would have a two prong goal. First, we want to generate more active awareness around Dogecoin—get more people to adopt, mine, and eventually USE THE CURRENCY. Second (and possibly more importantly) we want sellers to accept Dogecoin—not only do I want to go down to my local coffee shop and buy my girlfriend a cappuccino with Dogecoin, but simply having buyers accept Dogecoin will help us grow. (So, our adds would target both businesses and the public at large).
Here are some ideas I had for the website (feel free to oppose any of these or suggest more but remember, we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew at the start—but we do want to expand over time).
  1. We want the website to revolve around the community, not us. This would entail a voting link—the community could vote on what advertisements (or advertising projects such as Dogecar) the website would fund.
  2. We would operate primarily off donations of Dogecoin. On the website, there would be a wallet address to send Dogecoin to. Of course, I plan to put a lot of my own money/Dogecoin toward the ads but, with community support, we could go a lot further. Finally, we will not try to turn a profit or anything like that—all Dogecoin would go directly into advertising money or covering the website’s costs.
  3. If we’re taking donations, we should have fun with it (that’s the spirit of the Dogecoin community after all). Some Ideas for this are giving donors the option to identify themselves/ register with the website. Top donors would have their names published on the website, and we could contact these donors to write a little blurb about them on the website. Also, it would be sweet to have giveaways to donors. For example, we might make bumper stickers, computer stickers, or t-shirts to randomly give to several donors each month (or week if possible).
  4. As a wise man once said “with great power comes great responsibility.” Because we would be accepting donations, we would try to be as transparent as possible. This means, actively updating the website with how much Dogecoin/money we’ve raised, what advertisement we’re pushing for (we would probably have one of those goal meters that looks like a thermometer on the page), and when we buy an ad we would post the cost and tell how much Dogecoin is left over for the next ad. Also, we would post pictures of ads—if we say we’re going to push for a Doge billboard, we’ll actually post pictures of it online.
  5. Finally, we would want to have some kind of weekly news posts. Ie, if we hear about a community business that started accepting Doge due to our ads, we would try to inform the community.
  6. The planned name for the website is currently……………I could also make this .net, .org, or totally change the name around. Feel free to voice some ideas!
A concluding note: I know Darthfuzzy talked about Dogecoin beginning active leadership in a similar format to Bitcoin, and I know this website does not exactly follow his plan however, this is a good first step. The Dogecoin community needs to come together again, and we need to take direction. Once a Dogefoundation is started, I would be fairly comfortable handing over this website to their control.
We have not yet started the webpage, but wanted to know what the community thought about the idea first. We plan to begin work on it latter this weekend and throughout the week if we get support. Please feel free to give any suggestions, voice your concerns, or voice your support. With enough support, I would feel comfortable getting my butt off the couch and creating a website that could take many shibes to the moon!!!
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Doge Chronicle by Dsx

Quote from: Dsx on January 02, 2014, 06:08:17 PM The fact that DOGE has so many coins does not concern me at all, particularly over time. Bitcoin and soon, Litecoin, with their low total number of coins, will be held by many people and companies that do business internationally in order to transfer money with more speed and less cost. Because so many coins will be held for this purpose, the cost of them will be astronomical, and realistically, they won't be used by any regular person. ie: Why buy a pizza with .00000001 Bitcoins when you could just use cash.
A second and opposite problem s that these coins (BTC & LTC), may have by their own success, passed right by the opportunity to be a currency. What do I mean? They are so volatile, they are only good for speculation - like stocks have been. What companies really want to use such volatile payment mechanisms? Such risk. Such uncertainty. Of course we know it will happen - but things have to calm down and that may take a couple of years for THESE coins...
Now on the other hand, we have DOGE. There are so many, the value will obviously increase much slower, but it will be much steadier. Not huge jumps (ok, maybe one when the BTC & LTC realize it's potential), but not huge crashes either. There are so many DOGE that they can spread throughout the world with everyone able to use them. That will be the true measure of value. The size of the community that can and will use the coins, will ultimately be a coin's value.
Sure it may never hit the highs that BTC will. So you won't get rich soon. But it won't be too long either. Don't forget my friends, Dogecoin has only been out for about a month now! But I believe it will hit AT LEAST .01 by the end of the year / .10 by the end of the next year / 1.00 by the end of the following year, and slowly increase. Of course, a part of me says it will be sooner.
The bottom line is this - The sheer number of coins that will be available, mean more people will be involved because it will at first, take many more coins to buy things - so the coins will hopefully be spread out more than all the other coins. Then one the huge amount of coins have huge amount of people holding and using them, then the sheer amount of support for DOGE will give it its value. Again - value of a virtual currency is determined by the amount of support it has. And we are perhaps the most awesome, supportive, caring, optimistic, and forward thinking community of all the coins! So DOGE will definitely increase in value IF we give it the support it deserves.
Tell people about or Dogecoin! This is not something that should be kept quiet: + There is a site that will make Dogecoin stickers for DOGE ( If your family has a business, have them make you a 4" sticker and put it on the window of your business. Here's what you can do - take 5-10% of the bill in DOGE. Or take DOGE for some smaller items. Many businesses have sale anyways and are willing to completely lose that 5-10%. So permanently accept DOGE for that amount to show your support.
Put it on Facebook. Everyone should try to mine DOGE. f you're having a problem, go to your phone book and look up a computer guy who can help you download the wallet or start mining. That's what I did. More miners help keep the currency from being hoard-mined by just a few.
Offer to accept DOGE whenever you sell something on Craigslist, etc.
Make bumper stickers, T-Shirts, Hoodies, hats, how about a DOGE bracelet like those LIVESTRONG ones. Maybe an antenna ball face of DOGE. Keychain, necklace with a Dogecoin. At televised events, like football games, bring a LARGE "Send Dogecoins" sign to waive and get seen on TV. Include a QR Code for tips. Take out a small ad in school calendars, community or club newsletters, etc. with the Dogecoin just by itself so people start seeing it. Make people wonder and talk. There is so much fun we can do with this.
We all want Dogecoin to hit $1.00. And it will. It's not if, but when. It's up to us, the best currency community, the best mascot, the best coin, the best potential, the best everything.
If you're in school, put a sticker here or there - let everyone in your school know about it. Use it. Enjoy it. Love it! I do... Our currency is the only one with a personality behind it. Even when articles dis Dogecoin, they love to show the pictures. HERE'S THE BLOG of the real doge on our Dogecoin: Photoshop him with you or your friends, celebrities, etc. Show him to be the fun, independent, caring, loving, business-savvy, jet setting, doge he really is! No other currency can even come close to the marketing we as a community can do together!
Remember, its only been a month! Be patient, persistent, and LETS DO WHAT NO OTHER CURRENCY CAN DO - spread the word with discussion and images of our DOGE being who he is - AWESOME. I want to be like him.
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Just wanted to introduce The Crypto Factory, an online store going live in July 2014. I have been a lurker here though since early 2013 and been a BTC/LTC addict ever since.
We are a British owned company based in Vietnam and have been looking into setting up since late 2013. We have only recently decided on a name so decided to put ourselves out there whilst we get things prepared.
The Crypto Factory will specialise in Bitcoin and Litecoin merchandise. All the merchandise will be manufactured here in Vietnam.
Our range of merchandise will include clothing (Polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, caps), custom cold storage (papeplastic/metal), mugs and glasses, stickers (advertising, custom window, car, bumper etc, holographic tamper proof), LED and wooden signs and a few more exciting custom made Crypto goodies will be on offer. We are also looking forward to offering some cool Bitcoin Vietnamese products.
We are just working on the website and getting everything in order with GOCOIN‎ so we will be ready to accept ONLY Bitcoin and Litecoin on launch.
We have been interested (and invested) in Crypto's since early 2013, we are late adopters but we truly see a future for Bitcoin and Litecoin and want to do everything we can to raise public awareness and increase adoption.
We are also seeking distributors in USA and Europe, please PM for further details.
15% of all profits will be donated to the Bitcoin and Litecoin developers
We are a genuine company looking to serve the Crypto community and look forward to posting back with updates in the run up to our launch. Happy to use a trusted escrow for any orders direct on the forum and offer a 10% discount for all forum members.
he Crypto Factory has had an exciting few weeks. We moved into our new premises last week and have been busy kitting the storage and offices out.
We have also just placed some orders with some trial manufacturers, some exciting products to add to our existing pending orders including:
Coasters, mouse mats, name card holders, badges, keychains, usb's, leather wallets with awesome Bitcoin and Litecoin embroidery and laser engraving. We are getting excited about July.
We will be focussing on wholesale orders (10+) of each item, these will be amazing value. You can also purchase single items from us as a sample.
We will post some sample images when we receive them from the manufacturers. We have had 2 graphic designers working on the website and new graphics for the last month, we hope to bring something different to the crypto scene.
Cheers The Crypto Factory
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Benefits of accepting Bitcoin - Patrick Byrne Overstock CEO explains Australian Bitcoin auction update: 1 winner sends me BTC, there are at least 3 winners Buy A Home With Bitcoin? Here's How One Couple Did It  CNBC BTCIOT Tutorial - Building an online shop that accepts bitcoin Bringing Crypto To A Grocery Store Near You? - EletroPay To Revolutionize Market!

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Benefits of accepting Bitcoin - Patrick Byrne Overstock CEO explains

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