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So blessed Soo moon Wooowwwwwwww
Bitcoin is the best ever look this example
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My BitCoin Miner Story

So I'm working on my computer and all of a sudden my power supply started making this super weird coil whine noises. I knew what it was since I heard it before at a previous psu that I had to RMA because of that.
Now my psu is a shitty one because I got a bit stingy when I built my unit... it's a Segotep psu ffs. Here I was thinking that it started to fail after not even 1 year of usage. But then I started to investigate...
I opened the Task Manager and found a process called issch.exe (click for pic) under the description of 'InstallShield Update Service Scheduler'. Yes....A fucking bitcoin miner was installed on my pc. It had around 1.2 mb and was installed in:
I have Malwarebytes Premium installed and it couldn't detect it. That isn't a problem since it's easy to detect if you sort the processes in task manager by the cpu usage. The goddam thing was drawing 25% power from my cpu. So after I identified it I made a search in all my files and I found it and deleted it.
Now you're probably wondering where have I got it from. Well the only 2 games that I installed were:
So apparently not only Seyter includes miners in his releases but Steamworks too...fuck those guys. I was so close to order a new psu because of them =)
Upvote so that others become aware of this.
LE1: the libcurl.dll file was also present in the folder where the issch.exe was (as stated in this thread )
LE2: if you want to take a look at the files (maybe debug them or smth) you can download'em from here ...hope that malwarebytes or my antivirus didn't messed with'em in any way though
LE3: as you can see in this pic (posted by another member) the miners can have other names too (jusched.exe for ex) watch out for those names too
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Real-Time Golem Price Trading Is Now Available At!

Real-Time Golem Price Trading Is Now Available At!

Golem ( GNT ) is a global, open source, and decentralized computing economy with a flexible, safe, and economical source of computing power. While trading on users can check the real-time Golem price, Ethereum price, Bitcoin price, and many other crypto prices along with their market volatility. Registered users can buy GNT and can add Golem as an asset in their CBANX wallet.

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BitCoin miners

Hi, I think that this slightly not realted, but everyone was talking about bitcoin miners, so I downloaded malwarebytes and look what I found .I was wondering for 5 days why is my PC so slow... Thank you guys!
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Posada Crypto en Guadalajara ( todos invitados)

Hola a todos!
Esta es la invitación para la POSABIT de Cryptogods y Bitcoin GDL Va a ser el viernes 15 en Casa Mariachi (cerca de hacker garage) Tenemos pensado un precio de $100 pesos por persona, ( no es para hacer negocio es para pagar el lugar )
Para hacer todo transparente se lo mandamos a la wallet de Isaac para que el pague desde mañana el lugar y si sobra dinero usarlo para comprar mas alcohol o rifarlo en ETH en el evento.
Un amigo y yo vamos a patrocinar chelas y si alguien quiere llevar su botellita a parte o cooperar con algo más es bienvenido!
La address para el deposito es la siguiente:
[ETH] 0xe46d2de8bb0bac413eeb7c54db96866b36a94c80
[BTC] 1EkBhbxJVnSc8EdyRg9LwAoE5Xomtyeo5p
[LTC] LbhLWU6L4W9pPZdGAnbZ13zAxD6suYXiPK
(Cuando la hagan manden su nombre y su txhash para guardarlo)
La idea de esta crypto-posada es conocernos, tomar un rato, organizarnos para hacer nuevos proyectos entre todos y pasarla bien con la banda de crypto.
Espero puedan asistir!
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Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!
— (@nebulasio) May 22, 2018
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Old SR1 Vendor NorcalChronic open for business

Hello Tokers! I was on the original Silkroad, took a break after that went under. I'm going to be offering my products on the new SR2 road (if it ever loads) as well as bluesky market.
My original SR1 Vendor name was NorCalChronic BUT I am changing it to DrChronic, seems like there are too many NorCal's (good and bad) around and don't want to be confused with them. I had many happy buyers and NEVER lost a package ever!! Even sent out stuff when the site went down for several weeks.
I'm offering Private Sales available via Torbox and http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion [email protected] Email is [email protected] contact me for more info.
Current strains available are Trainwreck and Cherry Pie, both are potent, NO mold or pests and were flushed completely, I grew them indoors hydroponically. $240 zip with QP's available and more. If you are worried, then start out small, I can do 1/8ths to start at 50
See both the strains here:
For private sales the exchange rate is determined by bitstamp's last trade price at the time of bitcoin transfer. Once you send me your address and how much you need to purchase I will reply with a one-time use bitcoin address. Your item will go out directly after the transfer of bitcoins has been made. Currently shipping several times a week Mon-Sat.
Right now I'm going to keep using my original Norcalchronic PGP so my old buyers can verify me.
-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32)
mQENBFID7hMBCACsfPbUFQTMvS+fUTqMRwk4Cva8yD4qMzlnys/gzxYQ1x5CyXKU iq96MPkXIiYn2RykMprWBIKsRyPO5R4yOMYkApYweqQEUjaUrxFE50frwwtuJH rTqXpYJLyci+gWvwfY19bSmoYaHtcSqMcgm8bLYA/IaR+gc/z8OZY+8Qh/J7Nn5B YMbRSN/GtI7l12zO6aYAVRAYsBkcAIPWMfxRIRtRNPJDOOKpKxpgdz1oOoNss/z0 LDZLl5CFVWwLpgca9O8/RdU9a3IL18hOzBwUxyN+7fOxL/Vn6FvcnIdMuE3Klf8X CnFu5yfPIwHnVB/qEkHQYFZYks7KJ8zEaDABEBAAG0JU5DQyBDaHJvbmljIDxO Q0Nocm9uaWNAdG9ybWFpbGVyLm9yZz6JATgEEwECACIFAlID7hMCGwMGCwkIBwMC BhUIAgkKCwQWAgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEJFnRfib+aIA1uwH/AlLoOdA4o7UvNoOh7iY k+q+Y5Tq9obLqlAm4lRW+YQ0KNXU+F2JFWmHRIJZNHOIcACEaPjnCFYqI86k0bM3 sJ3t7KUwTYL+tEcHwJfNk+wlnoZlaH4oIqfx+C6fAmdVBwfXHCrThcs3HDISTP1y xt6mUMZoWy/36NVC4WvA1qA9AaPKUupE9JcljWqTo8OQnTsShoHp3KlwBDBcMtut mIrT99qaz/Wv1DCds3WhtkAhGEDNq0zGdojWYyPWcEyszuQM7XTp/y4IR82J5LPY ijdhZ+suWx/JuQOZ/kvxZGnoLyXWXStP3lkZemwUJzEKypjY9sPCpEyJJl1/3tKz SLuInAQQAQIABgUCUgPulgAKCRAczbnVrsBOTdfuA/9S2UmTZzOS2nnA8BVo/t62 eNdVkKNeLTpDg2l1Zm5nn4Knvsn3PJwpp/wigwd4EMVUap23bvc7nKgZ211+Xb8L 3kuZVdnuyoIEckY9bnNl9B5bY/zTvdn4HC6H4NyVP7f9SvMf486jUYCq+RIP/zmW ynIqH2KUGou3KwgKMx5Zn7kBDQRSA+4TAQgAx9T6itNtLI9sXm836ByCo98x5JLW e8c43cU88Zfkknj179KOS7VzzM3MUwX3tFv4aZdhTnSsYoLtcpFz+6R7jZKgpBkZ fjC2DUFwellmxFAhjCeyaJvwl1R8ScLk3l/SNdPzdX1X8bRj9ogK7KIRSL/3ONbT aY8BD3owqP5SsQ3mpSy/QN5+Y9x0osLTHd7N+KILaiEQ8ULMM6+5WsXeY9BV7HUw N8azSqxvJxUxvWo7ACJI+88I2NpDwtlm10fQ9ykU8Y5fpWW2b+Gde0ggwP9KVgem 5syq4f+5oG8OV2UXQ/AsnXUx8xsCrTIj6SX8CvWcYWJVTQeMwBRFcLybKQARAQAB iQEfBBgBAgAJBQJSA+4TAhsMAAoJEJFnRfib+aIAJesIAIqhuXWWLd4AKj+Y0jDe v1EuR9UqFfxySYZOi1QULtFFhSwjcF+dV186lMdOpfOwYfpWrYxFgPr0oI6QuW23 fNdaoM3EOQpOeVwvVcvZaOOCawtbj+YwQdn0vnRiVV6r4zHxy1aiXxVXkcTLcTcm Z4SgWksj/FYwsQVwHYjpdUE4S+4MIKPGXfU7/HKWttx4rbjeUVrFFMc3RW/u9Iha yHpLgawZdEMXTwau9Xf2HECPxYQSgTnsOLfzazutojHcUlOEbmxO5YaPWjk/6iSa vxq6sa4GGmrBO0pfzaTdgGK3X0HFdngjaDrSuQ6y2Gg5kD17qkHZ3pY/01QBhlg4 ZLM= =0cjB -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges - YouTube Bitcoin Mining Apps For Android 2020 ( instant Payout )(5 ... Live Bitcoin Trading With DeriBot on Deribit - YouTube Breaking Bitcoin - CME Expiry - Live Cryptocurrency ... Online India - YouTube

Ich bin gerade mit 2 kleinen Positionen Long eingestiegen. Eine für Langfrist und eine fürs DayTrading. Warum? Es besteht die Möglichkeit der Trendwende und des Abschlusses der seit Juni laufenden Korrekturbewegung. Ich gebe zu das ist extrem früh und das letzte Tief bei 8.955 $ ist gerade einmal nur eine Stunde her aber dafür haben wir im Stundenchart 1. einen HAMMER. Bitcoin ist eine sogenannte Kryptowährung, also ein digitales Zahlungsmittel. Aber wie kauft man eigentlich Bitcoins? FOCUS Online erklärt, wie's geht. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to stay anonymous when you do online purchases, peer-to-Peer payments and more. However, cryptocurrencies do not afford you complete anonymity since all activities and transactions are recorded in the open-source software, called the blockchain. Meaning, people can check your past transactions and trace your funds by just entering your ... Bitcoin kaufen – unkompliziert und schnell, Tipps und Tricks zum Bitcoin-Handel. Der Bitcoin-Kurs ist in der Corona-Krise kräftig gestiegen: Die wichtigste Kryptowährung hat innerhalb weniger ... Der Hype um Bitcoin ruft viele Anleger auf den Plan, die darin investieren wollen. Schließlich sind sie vom Krypto-Rausch fasziniert – und hoffen, mit ein wenig Geschick schnell viel Geld ...

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges - YouTube

⏱️ - The Fastest Bitcoin Trading Robot for Deribit 🔍Try It Free 📊 We trade BTC and ETH on Deribit Exchange htt... For more info about Cracking Crypto, be sure to head over to the website here: For BreakingBitcoin Market Updates, click ... If you're a newbie to bitcoin and want to learn how to grow your knowledge, money , and have total freedom check out my #Bitcoin Class link below: https://bi... Bitcoin shuddered!!! An ecosystem based on quantum technologies is being created, as well as the distribution of platform resources among Internet users! Dis... New Bitcoin Maning Site Culld * L I K E I! S H A R E! S U B C R I B E* Hi Friends Today we are going to talk About new Bitcoin Mining 2019 actually its a Cloud Mining site 🥏VIRTUALMINGFARM ...