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Did Bitconnect refund $363.62? Should Bitconnect users loose confidence over Cease & Desist? Bitcoin Foundation must Cease and Desist? -- Bitcoin Crowdfunding -- Google Wallet Can Bitconnect fix cease and desist with 3 words? 5/27/14 - Bitcoin trading on Facebook, a rift at Ripple, and Serbia needs help

Bitcoin Foundation sent a cease and desist letter, said to be operating illegal money transfer in California . By Jon Xavier – Technology Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Journal . Jun 24, 2013 ... Bafin has issued cease and desist orders against three Onecoin-related companies to keep all Onecoin activities out of the country, effective immediately. At this stage, it's difficult to tell whether or not it was a general blanket action and if other bitcoin-related entities received cease and desist letters from California. If Bitcoin Foundation ... The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has announced on Tuesday that it directed the Copycash Foundation to immediately cease and desist of all its proposed activities, including a purported plan to launch an ICO on 10 January 2018. This SC directive covers all activities as described in Copycash Foundation’s white paper for the ICO, including any roadshows, seminars or promotional events ... The cease and desist order was dated May 30, one and a half weeks after the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose. The letter said that the Bitcoin Foundation may be a money transmission business ...

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Did Bitconnect refund $363.62?

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