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Hey r/bitcoin, I'm the guy who created Instawallet and is now working on Bridgewalker, a euro-denominated wallet for the Bitcoin economy; I am excited to announce, that today Bridgewalker has been acquired by Hive!

The announcement is here:
Bridgewalker's website:
Hive's website:
Following the acquisition, I will be joining the Hive team and working on an Android port of Hive. Bridgewalker will continue to operate as an open beta and we will explore how to best integrate it into the Hive ecosystem. I am very excited to see where all of this leads!
Thanks to all beta testers! Your work is very much appreciated. Check out Bridgewalker and Hive and help us in pushing the Bitcoin ecosystem forward!
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for django-bitcoin-instawallet, where is my wallet file located? thanks
where is my private key, I need to back up it
After install, I can't find the wallet file. thanks
edit: someone said, "the account balance is hold in the database and not in bitcoind.". Does that mean the private key lies in the database? thanks
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What's new in wallets? Over a year ago I lost a bitcoin in instawallet

I purchased a bitcoin for $50 CAD and despite knowing better I kept in instawallet. Then Bitcoin exploded, instawallet was hacked, you know the rest.
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Instawallet hacked

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Instawallet Screws Over Bug Finder Who Found 3000 Wallets Urls Indexed By Google

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List of early web-based Bitcoin wallets

Hi all,
My memory's a bit foggy, but I recall mining a few Bitcoin back in the Early Days (2009-2010ish).
At the time, there wasn't much to do with Bitcoins (recall the 10,000 BTC pizza), so after a week or so of tinkering (including moving some BTC to an early web-based Bitcoin wallet whose name escapes me just to see what transferring BTC was like) I quickly lost interest, uninstalled the Bitcoin Core software, and went on with my life.
Recently, I've been tempted to see if that online wallet service (a) still exists and (b) if my early BTC are still there.
However, I can't recall the name of the service and can only vaguely describe the web interface (extremely simple in operation, consisting of white or other light colors -- can you tell my memory sucks for this?).
Is there some list of all the various early online Bitcoin wallet services? If so, where would one find such a list? Anyone remember any early such services that might not be on the lists?
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Following in Roger Ver's footsteps this guy is offering a 400 BTC reward bounty for the return of his coins...

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How do I transfer USD into BTC?

I've tried Dwolla and Liberty Reserve or even Getbitcoin but can't seem to figure out how to actually transfer my money into an account and then send it to my silk road account information. Please help.
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What is the best way to convert USD into BTC and transfer it to my SR account?

I've pretty new to SR and have been doing a lot of research. However, I cannot find the best way/easiest way to convert my money to bitcoins and make the transfer to SR. I started to use mtgox but they wanted me to call my bank to wire money over to Japan. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but my research isn't answering my questions.
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Bitcoins disappeared from my instawallet

I transferred bitcoins from mtgox ->instawallet-> ->2nd instawallet. I saw the bitcoins arrive in the 2nd wallet. I saved the url and came back the next and they are gone. Is there any advice I should head or any precautions I should be taking? Edit: Forgot the arrow from mtgox to the first instawallet
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Getting Bitcoin into Africa: A Bitcoin wallet for feature phones.

I've built a Bitcoin web-wallet for feature phones. It works much like Instawallet did, but uses a login and password.
I originally built it for African phones, so I've ensured compatibility with the five most popular models used there.
Everything validates to XHTML Basic 1.1, so it can run pretty much anywhere you can access the web.
Here it is running on my feature phone:
Here's the PC-compatible explanation site:
You can access it here on your phone or smartphone:
It's very basic right now, but there are improvements in the pipeline which will improve usability.
What do you think?
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Let's kickstart the next revolution in Bitcoin: Facebook Integration

WAIT: You're about to downboat me because I mentioned facebook. That's cool. You probably don't like it. It's where the kids hang out and it's riddled with invasions of privacy. Where do you think our biggest opportunity is? Facebook. Now walk your happy ass over to that arrow and make it red.
The Revolution: Let's start the next bitcoin revolution on Reddit tonight. I'm about to plant a seed that will make bitcoin a reality for the world. The goal seems impossible, and I have difficulty conecptualizing how it will work - but it is the future, so stop fighting it.
Your job is to think about this. Tell people about it. Pastebin it, repost it, rephrase it, hack it, code it, share it, github it, develop it, then facebook it.
What is it? The concept is simple: Transparent integration of bitcoin onto each facebook page. Users send money to other users with the click of a button and no worries. When they ask more questions they follow a link to a simple explanation.
What are the requirements?
Sounds impossible, right? It does look like a big task. Pick a day, build a team, get some coffee and make this happen.
Additional Challenge: Do all of this without earning the scorn and wrath of fb.
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Legality of Bitcoin gambling sites? How to protect oneself?

In the US, it is my understanding that online fiat gambling sites are illegal. What about BTC sites like anonibet and What can someone do to protect themselves from getting traced?
Is it risky to use your main BTC address to deposit BTC to these sites? What about withdrawing?
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InstaWallet Goes Android

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Bought bitcoins from mtgox, can I send directly to silk road account?

First time using this, not so confident that my bitcoin wallet is working
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Paying with bank transfer then tumbling BTC

I just did a quick search and found a comment by ringalo about 4 months ago.
You don't need to pay to tumble your coins. My method of sending BTC to SR is as follows: 1) Send the BTC to an instawallet address (address 1), bookmark it and wait for maybe an hour. 2) Make a new instawallet address under a tor connection (address 2), bookmark it and note the bitcoin address. 3) Send the BTC from address 1 to address 2. The BTC that show up in address 2 comes from instawallets reservoir of BTC and are completely different coins than the ones I had originally in wallet 1. 4) Wait another hour and send them to another instawallet address under a new tor identity (wallet 3) and wait another hour. 5) Repeat step 4 to tumble coins as many times as you'd like. 6) Send them your SR address (I get a new address every time I send coins to one of them) where they will be tumbled again with SR's tumbler. Probably unnecessary but this adds another level of security if SR is compromised and makes the coins extremely difficult if not impossible to be traced back to me even without SR's tumbler.
My question is whether or not you can buy the BTC with a bank transfer in the first place, or does it have to be an anonymous purchase with cash/prepaid cards etc.
I'm in the UK and getting coins without using a bank is pretty hard :(
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Public service announcement: Do not use online wallet services

Instawallet announced a security breach today. Apparently, people were still using it. So I'm putting this up as a public service announcement to everyone:
"Online wallet services" are an invitation to theft and fraud. Do not use them. I've been saying that since July 2011 (, before MyBitcoin ran off with everyone's money, and it's just as true today as it was then.
If you lost money today I feel for you, but seriously, it's your own damn fault. A Bitcoin is only yours if it was last sent to an address that is yours, and an address is only yours if no one else knows what it is - in other words, you have to have generated it anew on a secure, malware-free computer, and avoided ever putting the wallet file on any computer that has malware or that is not yours.
Seriously, stop it, you fools.
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I won a free coupon code from Daily Bitcoins and got 0.00010000 BTC, what do i do with it?

Can i transfer these coins to my Instawallet
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Bitcoin transfer

I will hopefully be buying bitcoins soon. I will be buying them through bitinstant. Is it safe to have them sent directly to my SR account or should I set up a wallet and send them from there to SR? Thanks.
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Trying to make sense of how to trace transactions

I've read a lot about how it should be quite clear to trace bitcoins from X to Y to Z just being moved around between normal wallets (without using a mixer).
To test this, I've sent BTC from one Instawallet (1) to another (2). When I look up the transaction ID, on, I can see money being moved to (2) but there's a list of address on the left of the arrow and none of them are (1), where the coins came from. Also there's another address with a smaller amount on the right hand side of the arrow above the address of my (2) wallet. I've also never been able to find the source address when I look in the taint analysis.
Any tips on how this can be traced?
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Hi r/bitcoin, I'm working on a point of sale terminal combining NFC and (optional) offline payments based on a Raspberry Pi and am thinking of doing crowdfunding to finish the project and release the 'Bitcoin Box' as open source and open hardware. What are your thoughts - would you pledge?

Video of the protoype:
More background info in this Coindesk article: .
My background: I have been tinkering with Bitcoin POS solutions since 2011, when I released one of the first prototypes in that area as open source ( ), I was the founder of Instawallet and Bridgewalker (precursor to Bitreserve/Coinlock), coined the term 'green address' and do Android development for Hive.
I would ask for 9000 USD which would get you:
What are your thoughts? Would you fund a project like this? I appreciate your input!
To address one question right away: "Why is this even needed? Just use a cheap Android phone and slap an app on it, done!". Cheap Android phones often do not have NFC or have the antenna in some inconvenient place for a checkout situation. The more important advantage of the Pi is though, that it has an Ethernet port, which will make it possible to connect it to cash registers. This kind of integration would not be part of this crowdfunding round, but it would be the next logical step.
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RUSHWALLET.COM (Beta) - The Evolution of the Bitcoin Instant Wallet

Announcing the Beta launch of RUSHWALLET. A free, instant Bitcoin wallet service.
The goal of this project was provide a service that fills the void left behind with the failure of Instawallet for a fast, simple, and secure instant Bitcoin wallet.
RUSHWALLET provides users instant access to a wallet where private keys are generated client-side, meaning keys to your wallet are not held on ANY server and ONLY the account holder has access to the wallet. The private URL system implemented has been tested on other live projects of ours over the last few months with great success.
Should for any reason our site go down your private key can be used to import your wallet into another service that offers a brain wallet import feature. ( for example)
We encourage feedback and suggestions during this testing phase and are looking for 20-30 Beta testers. Simply reply to this post that you're interested and we'll send you 100,000 Satoshis to the wallet address of your choice so that you can test the RUSHWALLET service. All we ask is that you agree to provide feedback/comments in this thread so that we can push out the full release soon to the Bitcoin community.
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Instant Bitcoin payment to Faucetpay Wallet - YouTube Bitcoin Wallet Multi coin wallets : Instant internal Exchange Bitcoin for Alt Coins Simplified How to Get started with Bitcoin - Instawallet for AmerCutie Crew Safest bitcoin wallet - not Trezor or Nano!

Bitcoin wallet company Instawallet has suspended its service “indefinitely” after being hacked. Bitcoin is a virtual, decentralized currency that no government or central bank controls. Bring a Bitcoin Wallet to the physical world. A paper wallet is a way of storing bitcoins outside of the digital world (i.e. computers) as a physical piece of paper. You can secure a paper wallet like cash or anything else of real-world value (e.g. keeping it in a safety deposit box). If you follow good security practices, paper wallets are one of the safest ways to store your Bitcoins. How is ... Bitcoin’s wild surge in value has made it even more of an attractive target for hackers. Another wallet service called Instawallet said it is suspending itself indefinitely until it changes its ... Instawallet closes claims process and Bitcoin-24 encounters problems in Poland We have two nuggets of refund news for you today. First up, Instawallet has officially closed its claims process ... Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest and most established source of news, information and expert commentary on Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology and the industry that has grown up around it. Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has provided analysis, research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

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Instant Bitcoin payment to Faucetpay Wallet - YouTube

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