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HUGE BETFURY 2.0 UPDATE - I-Gaming experience you deserve!

HUGE BETFURY 2.0 UPDATE - I-Gaming experience you deserve!

Today it is safe to say that BetFury 2.0 will change your understanding of the gaming industry! We are glad to present you an update that all BetFury supporters will admire and that all rivals will definitely pay attention to.For six months, our team has been working hard to create the best gaming experience in the TRON Dapp space. Despite all the advantages, the BetFury platform has already become quite well-known among TRON-users. We decided that it is time to change something and offer the whole crypto world an updated BetFury 2.0 platform.

BetFury 2.0 - Social i-Gaming Crypto platform

What makes the updated platform so unique?
BetFury has become the Social i-Gaming Crypto platform with the first BTC dividend pool in the gambling industry. The best gaming entertainment is provided with such advantages: BFG Staking, easy login system, Dividend pools in BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT, 1000+ games, Rank VIP system, Jackpots, Cashback up to 25%, friendly 24/7 support.
The main idea of BetFury 2.0 update is the combination of Dapp features: BetFury Staking (platform profit multicurrency drops for BFG holders in TRX, USDT, BTT) and web 3 API login (TronLink, TronWallet, etc).We open the doors for everyone with standard and user-friendly login by using email/pass or Social accounts login.Together with the high-end remastering of overall UI/UX on BetFury we are proud to show even better, meaningful, and more expressive results.
The next core feature - the Bitcoin Dividends pool is the one all users have been waiting for since Bitcoin was added as a gaming coin to the platform. Bitcoin dividends staking opportunity with a unique mining solution opens new opportunities and new users' acquisition as a result - the rapid movement of development, profitable mining, rising Dividends pool.

Global changes

BetFury moves from Tron to Bitcoin as a master cryptocurrency on the platform. That means that all the internal ratings, wager calculations, rankings, jackpots will be in Bitcoin now.
  • Important! All the reached users' ranks, global ratings of top users, and other data has been recalculated from TRX into BTC after the launching of BetFury 2.0.All data was transferred correctly without any loss.

Another important global change is related to Tron users who had to use TronLink, TronWallet or any other web 3 API wallet for entering BetFury. This way can still be used to sign in.We open the doors for the whole crypto world with user-friendly login by using 📧 email/pass. BetFury generates a unique address for every user to deposit funds to use all services (games, staking, etc).BetFury platform continues to provide an instant automatic Deposit/Withdrawal system.
From the very beginning BetFury presents the place for tracking your account activity such as bets, transaction history, total wager, personalization tools. In BetFury 2.0 we have added security features related to email/pass such as change email, change pass, Two-factor authorization to provide the maximum confidence for users that playing on BetFury is secure. We did all the updates in the best manner of global leaders in crypto B2C products.
BFG token and BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens

BFG is the unified token of BetFury platform with a max supply of 5 000 000 000.To expand potential market opportunities and improve the dividends payout we decided to fork BFG for BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens inside the site.Now depending on the cryptocurrency you use when placing bets, you will get BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens accordingly:Bet with Bitcoin - get BFG(BTC).Bet with TRON crypto (TRX, USDT, BTT) - get BFG(TRX).

Advantages of this solution

  • Coming of investors from the whole crypto world and the dividends pool growth
  • Heightened value of BFG token
  • Better earning opportunity for newcomers and old users
  • Increased interest to the project, which will simplify the BFG listing procedure
All tokens that have been mined before BetFury 2.0 update by users are saved as BFG(TRX).
Basic native BetFury game token (BFG) continues to be based on TRC-20 smart contract. It means that mining BFG(TRX)/BFG(BTC) subtokens are just a solution to start a new mining cycle on the BetFury platform.

Mining price on BetFury 2.0

BFG(TRX)In House games: start from 40 TRX/1BFGSlots games: 13.5 TRX/1BFGIncreasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for +1 TRX (for In-house games) and +0,5 TRX (for slots).
BFG(BTC)In House games: start from 0.00007000 BTC/1 BFGIncreasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for +0.0000001 BTCExample: 0.00007100 BTC → 0.00007200 BTC → 0.00007300 BTC → 0.00007400 BTC → 0.00007500 BTC
Slots:Start from 0.000023 BTC/1 BFGIncreasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for + 0.0000005 BTCExample: 0.000023 BTC → 0.0000235 BTC → 0.000024 BTC → 0.0000245 BTC


We have changed the house edge for Dice from 1.5% to 1.99%The reason is that it should quickly replenish the dividend pool. Also because we have a lot of different features, contests, big cashback, VIP Rank system.
Increased house edge on Dice does not affect the increasing of the mining price. In fact, the cost of mining remains the same, due to equalization of the price of mining by the BF team.We are sure that this will have a better effect on the dividend pool and on the distribution of dividends to our users.

Minimal bets

Off-chain bets solutions allow us to reduce minimum bets in every in-house game. Starting from BetFury 2.0 release in-house games will have the next min bets:0.00000100 BTC0.00000100 TRX0.00000100 USDT0.00000100 BTTSlots, Table and Live games will have their own bets allowed by the games providers. BetFury team is always trying to make better conditions related to integrated games to make it possible to play for everyone. BetFury constantly pushes partners to add more crypto gaming solutions.
BetFury staking (Mining and Dividends)

The Dividends system is one of the main and most valuable features of BetFury. The system of multicurrency drops for all BFG token holders. From now users don't need to use Tron network to receive payouts for holding BFG. In order to invite new users for mining procedures and increase the value of BFG token, we provide a new 90%-10% staking payouts model with subtokens mining of BFG(TRX) and BFG(BTC).

Advantages of renewed BetFury staking system

Here on BetFury we maximized the opportunity of earning dividends for all newcomers and old users. And from now on we expand this opportunity for every crypto user outside the Tron market. BetFury also gives the opportunity to receive BTC dividends for users, who have been with us from the first day of the platform launch.BetFury Staking solution is ideal for both new users and for existing. New users who decided to join BetFury will join to Build new world class product. There is a unique opportunity to mine BFG(BTC) tokens with the best price and receive generous dividends.
  • Stakinga feature, that means that users claim a reward from the Dividend pool by only for holding their BFG tokens on their gaming accounts. The reward is defined according to the number of tokens kept.

How does it work?

Every 24 hours, the dividend pool releases 3% of the total profit of the platform on every currency, and the amount is shared among all users who hold BFG tokens. Get profit from all the platform’s funds, regardless of whether you are staking: BFG(TRX) or BFG(BTC)!

By placing bets in Bitcoin users get BFG(BTC) subtoken. Stake BFG(BTC) token to get dividends in the amount of:
  • 90% from BTC pool
  • 10% from each of TRX, USDT, BTT pools
By placing bets in Tron, Tether TRC-20, Bittorent (TRX, USDT, BTT) users get BFG(TRX) subtoken. Stake BFG(TRX) token to get dividends in the amount of:
  • 90% from TRX, USDT, BTT pools
  • 10% from BTC poolAll tokens that have been mined before BetFury 2.0 update by users are saved as BFG(TRX).


Some in-house games have the Jackpot option. Total Jackpots on BetFury are more than 6 000 000 TRX ~ 10 BTC ~ 100 000 USDT. From now on Jackpots pools will be in Bitcoin and when players get the Jackpot - payout will be also in Bitcoin.Check out Jackpot details on the site to know more!

Referral program

Cooperate with BetFury to receive a lifetime reward for inviting new people!Get up to 15% from platform's house edge for all referrals winnings.The reward is charged in the currency of the bet.
15% - from platform's house edge for each referrals winning bets in in-house games
For example: bet 100 x2= 200pure profit = 200 - 100 = 100house edge = 1.99% = 0.0199(profit)(house edge)(referral bonus 15%)= your referral bonus100*(1.99%)*0.15= 0,2985
1.5% - from platform's house edge for each referrals winning bets in slots and table games
For example: bet 1000 x3 = 3000house edge slots = 3,5%(win amount)(house edge)(ref bonus%)= your referral bonus30003.5%1.5%= 30000.0350.015 = 1.5
5% - from all mined BFG tokensIt means that if your referral has mined 100 BFG – you'll receive 5 BFG

Rating and Rank system

VIP Rank system migrates to Bitcoin, which means that to be higher in the VIP system users should make more bets in any currency but every bet will be accumulated into BTC.For example, a bet of 1000 TRX will add +0.00172 to your total Wager and as a result of your Rank progress. The rank bonus will be paid in Bitcoin.

Note! All the exciting user's ranks and ratings will migrate from TRX to Bitcoin with no data losses (some minor changes may be occurred due to crypto volatility).Read more in the Rank System page.

Lots of users love Auction on BetFury and we decided not to remove TRX Auction but add the BTC one.Two different Auctions are now available.Place bids in BFG(BTC) to win BTCPlace bids in BFG(TRX) to win TRX

In-house games

Global redesign and rebranding bring new UI/UX for in-house games. We hope everyone will love new-looking Hi-Lo, Plinko, Circle, Keno, Mines, and Stairs games with some user experience improvements.

Slots, Table games, Live games

BetFury has more than 800 games from the best providers - Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Playson, Booongo, Endorphina, Vivogaming, BetgamesTV, Pragmatic, Habanero, Mr. Slotty, Fugaso, 1x2Network, GameArt. New game providers are coming and from now you will be able to play on any device with even higher performance!

Secret project

Secret project is a unique tool that gives everyone the opportunity to earn even more Bitcoins and it's worth to be implemented separately!The launch is planned in a month after the BetFury 2.0 release.


We are very excited about your feedback and reactions to the update.The team has been working hard to combine all the existing sets of your favorite advantages in a new manner. BetFury 2.0 is a logical continuation of a great crypto product development story. Once again we would like to highlight that all the changes on BetFury are done for the community and to satisfy the community needs. BetFury team is always in touch to become even better with every next step forward.
Thank you everyone for love, play, and support!
Soon further beyond the moon!
BetFury. You play - We pay! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to the Website: https://betfury.io Link to the Telegram: http://t.me/betfury Link to the Twitter: https://twitter.com/betfury_io Link to the Telegram Channel: https://t.me/betfuryofficialchannel Link to the Steemit: https://steemit.com/@betfury-steem Link to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BetFury.io/ Link to Instagram: https://instagram.com/betfury.io Link to Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/useBetFury_io
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365 day Bitcoin faucet challenge

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I'm undertaking a 365 day Bitcoin faucet challenge. I’ll be using a popular bitcoin faucet which I can’t name.
The parameters of the challenge are as follows:
And that's pretty much it. In 365 days I will report back my earnings.
I'm also going to use basic probability to calculate my estimated payout. Freebitcoin say they're games are provably fair. Well, let's prove it in the process of making me some bitcoin.
The faucet works as follows. You get to draw a number between 0 and 10,000 every hour and the payout table is as follows (but changes depending on the BTC value):
Due to the way the number is generated there is a 1/20,000 chance of rolling a 0 and 10,000. For an explanation of why this is the case see my EDIT at the bottom. The full probability distribution is as follows.
To get the average expected earnings per game, we simply need to multiply the probabilities by the payout.
For example: (9885 / 10000) * 0.00000025 + (100 / 10000) * 0.00000251 + .... + (1 / 20000) * 0.02513292 = 0.00000215 BTC
Again, this is the average payout per roll.
Now I'm going to complete 15 draws per day and 365 days. 15 * 365 * 0.00000215 BTC= 0.01177125 BTC
Since the probability of rolling a 10,000 in a year given my rolling frequency is pretty low I can exclude that from the probability table to get a more likely average payout figure of: 0.00000090 BTC per toll. This would result in a yearly estimated balance of 0.0049275.
Also the RP (rewards points) can be converted to BTC (minimum 100,000). Using the rewards point boost you should be able to get an additional 300 RP per day (assuming 15 rolls per day) using the 100 RP/roll boost. Converting this back to BTC would boost my average roll return by 0.00000020 BTC.
EDIT: Updated probability table. The probability of rolling a 10,000 is actually 1/20,000. The reason is a server seed and client seed are hashed together with a nonce and the first 8 hexadecimal characters are converted to decimal and then divided by a magic number to yield a decimal result between 0 and 10,000. The decimal is then rounded to the nearest integer. if you consider the number 5000, any decimal between 4999.5 and 5000.4999. will be rounded to 5000, however 10,000 and 0 are special cases because they can only ever be rounded from one side and this halves the probability in those two cases.
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High-paying Cryptocurrency Websites

Have you ever wanted to collect crypto to join the hype, but are not willing to invest real money? The good news is there are in fact methods to get them online for free. All it requires is some investment of time on your part to start your crypto journey! According to cnbc.com, $1,000 worth of bitcoin in 2013 would be worth $6,400 in October 2018.
Freebitco.in / (non-ref) This is a well known faucet that pays users every hour. Each time you roll, there is a chance that you win a payout bigger than the base payout of 0.00000033 BTC. If you are very lucky, you might win the highest payout (worth $203.17 at the date of posting). Considering that you are doing nothing but clicking on a roll button, this seems to be a good site. Each roll also gives you 2 free lottery tickets and 2 reward points. Lottery tickets enter you into a weekly lottery draw. Reward points can be traded for benefits such as electronics, hardware wallets and gift certificates. If you are not interested in the prizes, you could very well trade for the free BTC bonus, which awards 10% to 1000% bonus to the base reward for the BTC faucet. I'm not a fan of gambling and firmly believe that you will lose money in the long run. If you would like to try your luck and have some fun, however, there is a Multiply BTC section featuring a provably HI-LO game which awards 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward point for every 1000 satoshis that you wager.
Freedoge.co.in / (non-ref) This is a very similar site to freebitco.in, albeit with fewer features. Use it along with freebitco.in!
Cointiply.com / (non-ref) Hourly faucet which pays extra when you roll prime numbers. You can also earn by watching videos, completing offer walls (Tap Research, Adscend Media, AdGate Media, Minute Staff, Revenue Wall, Opinion Capital, Theorem Reach, Offer Toro, Persona.ly, Wannads, Kiwi Wall, Offer Daddy, PTC Wall, Pollfish, Clix Wall, Say So Rewards, Adwork Media, Super Rewards). Try your luck on the multiplier if you are feeling lucky!
Moon Faucets
These are a unique set of faucets - you decide how often to claim! Most faucets only allow you to claim at fixed intervals of time. With the Moon faucets, you can claim as little or often as you like. The faucet fills rapidly initially and slows down over time until you make a claim. You decide how often you want to claim, with the knowledge that the amount keeps building up! With these sites, there is an opportunity to increase claim amounts through the daily loyalty bonus, referral bonus, offer bonus, mystery bonus and mining bonus schemes. These faucets pay out to CoinPot.
Other Coinpot Faucets
Bonusbitcoin.co / (non-ref) Claim up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes. This site also pays a 5% daily bonus. You can also use this site as a GPT site by doing offers and surveys (Super Rewards, Wannads, Offer Daddy, Offer Toro).
Bitfun.co / (non-ref) Claim from this faucet every 3 minutes. You might be happy to know that this site allows you to earn by playing games. If you prefer to do offers and surveys, Super Rewards, Wannads and Offer Toro are available.
Semi-passive Sites
If you prefer something which earns by doing little work, the sites below may be of interest. While some of them may require more effort at the start, the results will soon pay off.
Firefaucet.win / (non-ref) This is the closest thing to a true auto-faucet! Complete shortlinks, mine or complete offerwalls (AdGateMedia, Offer Toro, Offer Daddy, Pollfish, PTCWall, MinuteStaff, Wannads). A single shortlink gives 50 autoclaims as well as 50 activity points which help you level up. As your level increases, each claim gives you slightly greater value in crypto. You may decide whether payments are kept in the Fire Faucet account or directly to Faucet Hub. Funds within the Fire Faucet account can be withdrawn manually to Faucet Hub. Payments are fast and can be seen almost instantly. It should be noted that once you start the Auto Faucet, you have to leave it the tab open for it to continue claiming crypto. The tab itself does not have to be active and you can continue with your personal activities.
Satoshilabs.net / (non-ref) A combination of GPT, autofaucet and game, all in one website. Tasks in the offerwalls (AdscendMedia, PTCWall, ShortLinks, AdGateMedia, AdWorkMedia, MinuteStaff, TheoremReach, Persona.ly) give you credits, while the faucet and mining game give you lab flasks. Both are exchangeable with one another. Purchase mining equipment from your hard work to start earning lab flasks passively! Note that Generators and Security are the best investments due to greater ROI. Energy decreases every hour and each energy point costs 3 points + 0.75 credits for every 5000 production. You may consider enabling Autorefill Energy (which consumes credits), as production decreases when energy goes down. According to the FAQ, the formula for satoshi earning rate is ((YourProduction/10)*0.14)*(YourCurrentEnergy/100). As you can tell, more work is required at the beginning, but it will all pay off. Referring to the current leaderboard the top person has a production power of 194797. Let's try calculating the amount of satoshi generated for this person.((194797/10)*0.14)*(100/100)= 2727 satoshi per hour.
Cryptomininggame.com / (non-ref) Mine crypto either through the game, or for real! Missions allow you to level up as well as earn crystals, mining power and crypto at the cost of energy, which replenishes with time or by doing shortlinks. Each mission also gives you tickets for entry to a weekly Mega Jackpot. The site is also releasing a light version of the game Crypto Mining War very soon, which you can play using cards (earned through the website as well). The final version is still under development, but it is fun, multiplayer and crypto can be earned through it.
Eobot.com / (non-ref) Before proceeding, it should be noted that this is a Cloud mining site. Majority of Cloud mining sites are ponzi scheme scams. It is uncertain if that is the case for this site. A crypto deposit is made as an investment, which gives mining power. It should be noted that 24 hour mining contracts will definitely give a loss on this site - you receive less than you invest. Only invest in 10 year contracts if possible. I generally only use crypto I gain from faucet and GPT sites to fund this account. NEVER use real money on Cloud mining sites.
Thanks for reading and happy earning!
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Update (March 17, 2018): Marinecoin Roadmap, POP AI Driven Airdrop, Transaction Confirmation

Update (March 17, 2018) from DISCORD Channel: Marinecoin Roadmap, POP AI Driven Airdrop, Transaction Confirmation
There has been a lots activities in DISCORD Channel over past two days on topics of Marinecoin roadmap, new AI driven airdropping method, and transaction confirmation technical details.
The Marinecoin creator and Dev Bruce in DISCORD explained the roadmap on Thursday that " Marinecoin is a mature complete product, it’s only road map is the distribution of MTC and make it devless by giving community the keys. The ultimate goal is providing the necessary easy to use tools to non-tech MTC community members and have them act as developers independently creating %100 decentralization". Bruce further attacks status quo in the current crypto world that "Currently all coins with miners and hot shot developers are not decentralized, every new wallet update takes away from the community and gives more to the miners and the developers, this type of scenario can only fool certain people for a certain amount of time."
Over pasts several days, the previous old Marinecoin airdropping method has been suspended due to large degree of scamming applicants. The Marinecoin Airdrop started initially with full KYC 2 months ago when the applicants had to provide government IDs and selfie upload as well as phone number SMS verification. The KYC process went well attracting the first thousand of applicants. However, at later stage of KYC period, Dev Bruce noticed that many people in crypto world are against KYC and also many scamming applications with fake IDs and photos showed up in applications. The Marinecoin dev team then abolished KYC and only required facebook account and later with wechat, twitter or any kind of impactful social media account plus 5 bitcointalk posts to obtain 450,000 MTC per member airdrop. Several Marinecoin volunteers include myself showed up as forum MOD to approve or reject the applicants. This method so far attracted and airdropped 450,000 MTC to about 3500 seed members so far up to date. This method also hit wall recently because of huge percentage of scamming applications observed so far. The volunteers are not paid for helping Marinecoin airdropping process. If the end results of airdropping is handing out large amount of MTCs to real human, I think volunteer model will work out fine because the more seed members obtain the airdrop, the more value will be on the existing holdings of each volunteer. This model breaks when the time and effort are spent on scam prevention with huge waste of resource.
Dev Bruce proposed and is implementing a third method of airdropping Marinecoin to future seed members, I call it "AI driven Airdrop". Jarvis will be taught Artificial Intelligence to review applicants's proof of promotion (POP) work. For example a new member promotes marinecoin ICO and provide to Jarvis link to your post in bitcointalk, and AI review the text with predefined parameters, If will pass by following all rules. Bruce showed a web page screenshot in DISCORD with title "Marinecoin POP - Proof of Promotion MTC Generator". Bruce gave an update on the progress two days ago and here are the update transcripts:
Bruce_Wayne - Last Thursday at 11:30 AM Before I leave, a final update on the status of the Jarvis AI proof of promotion MTC generator has been coming along nicely, I had to write extra code for some of the concerns I had about people who surely will try to trick the system, I had all the two parts working now, submission/verification is the first part and distribution of MTC to verified posts. Now we need messages at least 100 messages to start with so that every person is more likely to post a different message, I also added a shuffler so that the probability of a message appearing on the same topic is significantly reduced
Brightlight - Last Thursday at 11:32 AM Do you need the community to generate 100 unique messages for Jarvis to test?
Bruce_Wayne - Last Thursday at 11:37 AM I will try this tomorrow on bitcointalk change the settings temporarily for Bitcoin message approval so that I don’t get banned, after I will give you an update on the results. But from earlier tests I can tell you that it is working very efficiently. I added a message comparator feature, it checks the percentage of likeness of the submitted message to the pre-approved message just in case some users might miss the dot or manually correct a sentence, or the webpage parses some text differently. They will still get their MTC
Bruce_Wayne - Last Thursday at 11:40 AM @Brightlight#4138 Let’s start with 20 great messages so that the moderators can test next week on password protected page, if you make a topic and posted them on our forum it will really help fill the database initially.
Yesterday a user buffy238 who claimed to have a Hero account at Bitcointalk showed up in DISCORD Channel had long conversation with Dev Bruce and other community members on topics of new airdropping method and Marinecoin transaction confirmations. Below are the transcripts:
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:11 PM The best way to weed out scammers I have concluded is to unleash the non-scammers
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:11 PM what does that even mean bruce?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:11 PM it means human eyes
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:12 PM From now on every one can apply for free MTC as many times he wants It is the only way to stop scammers
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:13 PM It's not a huge deal really
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:13 PM raiblocks (nano) you could get as much as you wanted that was a free distribution
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:13 PM but less reward? but do the work and get rewarded?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:15 PM We are going to dilute the ICO with time, it’s the only solution for fair distribution with many many holders
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:15 PM I guess if the scammers are posting good posts thats good in some respect right?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:16 PM They can only post what we give them
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:16 PM So when less mtc are left to hand out the rewards will lower?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:16 PM what do you mean Bruce?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:16 PM If there is a spelling error they will not get
marcmeh - Yesterday at 5:16 PM @Bruce_Wayne was the amount of scammers that high the last weeks?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:17 PM Not really but they made life difficult @lacy25 For which one?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:17 PM Are you saying they will be posting the same post repeatedly? @Bruce_Wayne you said they will post only what you give them
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:18 PM There will be 100s of messages ready for hundreds of predetermined topics, each cycle the participant will be a assigned one from the shuffle One pair, a message and a topic to post the reply on
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:20 PM thats cool, sounds more organized and predictable which is what most people want consistancy and fairness
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:20 PM Some of the recent cryptos that distributed the majority through airdrop (some tasks required) ebitcoin, rebellious, deep onion they all have really large and strong communities of course raiblocks as well
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:22 PM but what will be the reward. if its small people might not respond to posts Who will be writting these 100s of pre approved messages? @Bruce_Wayne
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:24 PM just use old ones already approved?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:25 PM This one will the best ever, I will add other features such as points etc after we get going, if you get banned by BCT no problem your points will carry over to the new BCT username with your MTC wallet, there will be daily and weekly draws where people posted most in one week will have a higher probability of winning the jackpot, also the size of the jackpot will be calculated by a certain percentage of the daily MTC volume on the exchange this will be all provided automatically without any human input by our very own Jarvis himself
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:28 PM only bitcointalk accounts? or are other forums acceptable
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:28 PM @Bruce_Wayne So are you saying there will be a jackpot? But no guaranteed signup reward? Your reward is by chance? Will there be a baseline reward for signing up?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:29 PM @buffy238 There will be other versions but the reward will be calculated by the Alexa webpage traffic rank if BCT is 20.000 per post cryptocurrencytalk will be 2000 etc
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:30 PM ok
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:31 PM You'll have to make 22.5 bct posts to make 450000 . Is that possible? It will take a month?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:32 PM @lacy25 You will get 20.000 or so for your post but Jackpot there is no guarantee, it will be based on effort but will only increase the chance there will still be small probability the 2nd 3rd or the 10th place holder to win the jackpot also I said it, dilute the ICO with time. That’s the only way for fair distribution If you give up someone else will tag along next month and an other the month after. There is no 450.000 MTC limit also. You can aim much higher
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:35 PM so you can post 1 post a day and make more than 450000? @Bruce_Wayne
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:37 PM You can open 5 accounts and make 5 posts a day from different IP addresses anything scammers will do you are allowed to do also(edited)
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:37 PM blocking ips does nothing anyways
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:38 PM lol Dont give up.
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:38 PM There is still a limit of IP addresses one can obtain, if you abuse it BCT will block all your C class network
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:39 PM how wil these posts be tracked and verified?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:39 PM You will be left with nothing @lacy25 Very easily because we know where they are and exactly what they should look like
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:40 PM Bonus points for Pictures ? :smiley:
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:41 PM But you ll still have moderators checking links and screenshoots?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:41 PM You will not be able to edit the pew approved messages, that will reduce the chance of approval
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:41 PM that will be a whole lot more volume for them to keep track of?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:42 PM It’s all automatic
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:42 PM but bitcointalk might delete these posts? So jarvis will check immediately that you posted it?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:44 PM Jarvis will know when it was posted and if it was deleted
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:45 PM will it still count if deleted?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:45 PM There will be delay payout @lacy25 Yes
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:46 PM cool The only problem i see is everyone using the same vpn may likely get banned they will need a unique vpn
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:47 PM at a college or library they are screwed
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:48 PM yes they will be
steopcik - Yesterday at 5:48 PM @lacy25 banned VPN will reduce scammers and not allow others to use same VPN many times
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:48 PM The messages will be across the platform, they will not be concentrated on a few topics message after an other, I think there will be less deletions Paid VPN scammers usually don’t pay.
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:49 PM yeah i agree @steopcik just thinking about the worst case senario there will be innocent people caught with the scammers
steopcik - Yesterday at 5:52 PM also BCT have a great base of banned IP networks, i think they can ban an subnet, in this case any attempt to use free proxy or VPN will fail, they will try several times and will leave idea to scamm
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:52 PM When will these 100s of messages be ready. Whos writing them? Are you using old posts from members?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:55 PM I have created a special page where you can write and submit your message to the database you can write a message or two every week this is to be able to start, after we can have each new applicant submit a message to activate his account, or every time his BCT account gets banned
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:56 PM Everytim ehis bct account gets banned? I have a full member account...............
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:56 PM The new message can be archived and edited or approved for active duty when there is time
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:56 PM now I'm scared to even post
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:57 PM then he can post that message once a day after it is approved?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:57 PM @buffy238 You need to get a fake account. You will need many, if you want to generate MTC this way
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:57 PM ok
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:58 PM @lacy25 Someone else will post it later, he will post an other message, new messages will be approved occasionally when there is free time or when the admins feel like doing it
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:59 PM if you already got 450000 mct, can you use an old approved message?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:00 PM No
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:00 PM youll have you create or use a new approved one?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:01 PM When you create a message you will not be the one posting it.
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:01 PM At some point youll need 1000s of new messages if someone wants to post every 24 hrs
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Everyone will post pre approved messages, there will not be someone waiting for you to approve your new message so that you can post it
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Will they get a new message to . post every day?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Let me worry about that
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:03 PM Ok thats still being worked out.
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:03 PM 99.99 chance they will get a new message everyday
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:04 PM got it
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:04 PM Bruce do you have enough funds for development? I was willing to do the 10mill mtc invester option, although the price is much much higher than the current rate
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:05 PM What funds for development? You need to buy from the exchange.
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:06 PM Why do you have the 10mill invester buy option on the website ?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:06 PM i have a question about the block chain speed. Say a person makes a 50000 mct transaction, that should take 1 second? but i see mining requires 30 confirmations to finalize a block and that 30 confirmations takes a while?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:07 PM Because that’s the price we know is fair.
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:07 PM Hes talking about guardian nodes I think
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:07 PM Ok, I just wanted to support the project
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:08 PM @lacy25 What’s the rush, wait 30 blocks, you can still send it after the 6th confirmation
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:10 PM ok so the sixth is the magic number not 30. Trying to compare it to being faster than bitcoin which it 10 mins for one block @Bruce_Wayne
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:11 PM @buffy238 Buy from the exchange that supports the project you pay fees after every trade that’s good enough @lacy25 6 is a number, you can send MTC after 1 confirmation 6 is a safe number just Incase a block or two gets orphaned
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:13 PM So a block is fully validated in 6 confirmations? @Bruce_Wayne so why have 30 in the wallet's algorithm?
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:13 PM ok
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:13 PM @lacy25 That’s something else for maturity, for newly mined coins
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:14 PM oh thats only for new coins?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:14 PM A coin that already exists does not need to wait, mining pools sometimes steer away forming a fork it is to prevent the fork being able to spend the coins that are newly mined For bitcoin I think that number is 120
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:16 PM What will get orphaned a new coin or new transaction are you referring to? or either can get orphnaed. Why would they get orphaned?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:16 PM Or it used to be maybe they changed it
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:18 PM i get it what s a fork, is it bad?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:18 PM That happens when your wallets gets a solved block from someone and someone else’s wallet gets from an other miner, eventually or mostly one beats the other and one of them turns to orphan
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:19 PM Bitcoin has so many forked coins , I've lost count
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:19 PM @lacy25 OK, these are not things that can be easily explained over chat. Network fork is different It’s usually temporary
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:20 PM ok, but i understand everything youve said so far so the fork is block something from happening
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:22 PM it helps us all understand how things work better for the community I think Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:24 PM @lacy25 You can’t truly understand a network fork unless you experience it live as it happens, and see how wallets start to behave
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:26 PM Some of us are IT savvy, these transitions are not difficult especially when your discussing coding or patterns
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:26 PM I'm not an expert by any means but I understand the basics
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:27 PM Experiencing a fork is more like emotional, it is like what is going to happen to my coins way
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:27 PM lol @Bruce_Wayne We can absorb the information trust us.
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:29 PM Usually coins with lots of mining pools and low hashpower increases the likelihood, if two fastest pool wallets are disconnected from each other splitting the rest of the regular clients problems may arise Marinecoin coin does not have pools, and all GUI clients are connected to the backbone This reduces the chance significantly Each backbone node is also connected to each other directly
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:32 PM i got that part. So 1 million transactions will be supported by 1 miliion gui clients, is that what your saying?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:33 PM 3 Million will be nothing , it is possible at the slowest speed
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:34 PM Do you mind if I work on Some signatures for bitcointalk
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:35 PM Default blocks size is 1 MB but if you look at the code it is actually 34 MB max 1 mb is set it can be changed to a higher number No. Not at all
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:36 PM ok Idk how many people will wear em But I have a Hero account I'll at least ewar the sig wear* I've gotten sick of the amount of scams recently Refreshing to be part of a good community coin
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:38 PM Are you saying the code in the network will push through those 3 million transactions in 1 second?
wildan - Yesterday at 8:53 PM now i can still get 450.000 MTC for free?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 8:57 PM They are changing the rules you ll have to wait and see, you ll have to do more work I think to get 450000
submitted by honglu69 to MarineCoin [link] [comments]


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