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1.2Th Bitcoin Miner On SALE and Ships End Of December

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Dash • Sao Paulo / Brazil 2th Bitcoin Summit - 30th June 2017

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Group Buy - 12 KNCMINER Jupiter's 4.2TH Bitcoin Miners Early Pre Order

This Group buy is for 12 unit of KNCminer Jupiter's made by ( company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The unit that the shares relate to is the KNC Jupiter @ 350GH/s
We are Offering:
More Details: [email protected]
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KnCMiner Launches 20nm Neptune ASIC Bitcoin Miner With at Least 2TH of Power

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what miner: M10 33Th/s innosilicon:T2T 24Th/s; what miner: DCR 44Th/s innosilicon:D9 2.4Th/s Iblink dcr 7.2Th/s /r/Bitcoin

what miner: M10 33Th/s innosilicon:T2T 24Th/s; what miner: DCR 44Th/s innosilicon:D9 2.4Th/s Iblink dcr 7.2Th/s /Bitcoin submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Block Chain Economy. How will you go? Ohkim's Law & block chain center,Likerworld 2th Meet Up /r/Bitcoin

Block Chain Economy. How will you go? Ohkim's Law & block chain center,Likerworld 2th Meet Up /Bitcoin submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

KnCMiner Launches Neptune ASIC Bitcoin Miner With at Least 2TH of Power

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Which Bitcoin Miner would you choose Right Now? The Cointerra 2TH solution for $6K or the KNCMiner solution for $14K?

I am trying to decide which one to buy, I can afford one KNCMiner @ 3TH, or one, maybe 2 of the Cointerra 2TH Miner. Which one do you think is a better bet? besides the obvious speed differences, I would sure appreciate the thoughts of some smart Redditors whom are more experienced with ASIC mining then myself. Thanks for the input guys.
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KnCMiner Announces Neptune ASIC Bitcoin Miner With at Least 2TH of Power

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Which Bitcoin Miner would you choose Right Now? The Cointerra 2TH solution for $6K or the KNCMiner solution for $14K?

I am trying to decide which one to buy, I can afford one KNCMiner @ 3TH, or one, maybe 2 of the Cointerra 2TH Miner. Which one do you think is a better bet? besides the obvious speed differences, I would sure appreciate the thoughts of some smart Redditors whom are more experienced with ASIC mining then myself. Thanks for the input guys.
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A New Bitcoin ASIC Manufacturer XBTec Announced 2TH/s Miner Pacific 2000 Using AM Chips

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KnCMiner Announces 2TH/s Bitcoin ASIC Miner

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⚡️FLASH SALE⚡️to All Bitcoin Mining Contracts is on Now!

Dear Valued Users, Since last week's catastrophic 50% correction, #Bitcoin price has recovered by 40% off its low at $3,775. We would like to offer FLASH SALE on all BTC mining contracts, seize the opportunity before BTC price surging. S17 now at USD1299, U.P. USD1699, get 10 Lucky coins FREE S15 now at USD399, U.P. USD699, get 2TH S15 FREE BTC55W now at USD19.99, U.P. USD26.99, buy 10 get 10 Lucky coins FREE MOREOVER, you will get BTC55W hashrate in 3 days. Act up and grab yours now by visiting
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Current Bitcoin mining difficulty.

Here is a spreadsheet I made for difficulty over the last year (01/16/17 - 01/15/18).
Basically it breaks down to an average difficulty increase of 15.1% per month (181.21% total increase), so make sure you're counting on that average when investing in (Bitcoin) cloud mining. It's also likely to continue to rise over the next year as it must keep pace with the network hashrate.
Google Sheets
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Roger Ver's Next Scam - Any ideas where I stand?

(Had to repost for mentioning an alt, last was removed)
When I first read about cloud mining I stupidly went ahead with a little of my bitcoin for 2TH/s lifetime contract costing about 0.089BTC valued at the time at $298 with Not realising it had anything to do with that little rat.
The contract is for a lifetime until its not profitable for 6 months and then it cancels (fair enough).
Just received this email today.
Any ideas where I stand on this, how can receiving $298 (paid as an alt) when I paid in Bitcoin, be anywhere near fair when I paid for TH/s back then and BTC was cheaper. That's the whole gamble with mining. Or my other choice I can wait till the difficulty sky rockets and the hash is worth nothing before its back online.
Also China was only meant to be part of the hash rate, not all of it.
What a joke.
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A minimum of 1470 Bitcoins has to be dumped on the market just to cover electricity cost

Unpleasant Truth...
3975 BTC are mined every day 24x60/9.06x25=3974 (24 hours x 60 minutes / ~9.06 average time between blocks x 25 BTC block reward)
Assuming that the mining farms in China are using the most efficient ASIC miner available on the market, that is to say the Antminer S4, it would cost about 37%* of their mined Bitcoins just to cover the electricity cost at a rate of $0.08/kWh which is the average electricity price in China and India.
So everyday, a minimum of 37% of the newly created coins has to be dumped on the market. Which is 1470.75 BTC or 423,576 USD.
In an ideal world where everyone uses the most efficient ASIC miner, lives in China or India, and holds all their mined coins (and only dump as much as they need to cover the electricity), a minimum of $423,576 worth of Bitcoins has to be bought everyday on the market to maintain a stable price (no price drops). Which in fact is more likely to be double $423,576 as miners also want to make a profit (by dumping more of their BTC for $). Also, miners are located all around the world (higher electricity rates) and not everyone uses the most efficient Bitcoin miners (Bitcoin miners have to cover for the hardware cost too!).
* S4 specs are 2TH/s for 1.38kW/h at a rate of $0.08/kWh, BTC price at $288, difficulty at 40,640,955,016.58 and block reward of 25BTC: (1.38*0.08*24)/(86400/(40640955016.58*2^32/(2*10^12))*25*288) ~ 37%
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A survey on Bitcoin

Hi everybody, I'm doing some academic research on Bitcoin in order to better understand how people perceive it. If you're ok with taking the survey, click here (google form), it takes 3 min and it's open to all. Data is anon.
I could post the processed results here in 10 days if you're interested. Comments about the survey, or about Bitcoin are welcome here. Cheers
Edit: Nov. 2th, still processing data, I got delayed. Coming soon.
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Non-shibe asks great question about the functionality of a mining rig

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SingularDTV FAQ

What is SingularDTV (S-DTV)?: SingularDTV is a blockchain entertainment studio laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry. It is a decentralized and tokenized content creating and distributing platform that will create, acquire and distribute film and television content in an innovative way, generating revenue for its token holders in a completely transparent and decentralized manner. By building the future of rights management, project funding, and peer-to-peer distribution, SingularDTV’s platform empowers artists and creators with powerful tools to manage projects from development to distribution.
What are SNGLS tokens & why do they have value?: The concept of tokenization was first started and inspired by David Bowie in 1997, where with the help of Wall Street, he tokenized his future music royalties in the form of “Bowie Bonds”, allowing the public to directly invest in Bowie and the effort raised 55 million dollars. Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, tokens represent the film, TV and software IP developed and deployed by SingularDTV. SNGLS are tokens that represent your assets and enterprise on the blockchain. Like Ethereum, you’ll be able to use these tokens as “gas” to power your platform. They represent 4 key elements: property, utility, revenue/rewards and fungibility:
  1. Property– The token functions as a programmable token in the form of an IP, in other words, a web address.
  2. Utility - Functions also as a utility token that is needed to use the modules in the SNGLS ecosystem. SNGLS tokens are affected by a multitude of factors such as: supply and demand, revenue, networking and growth of the ecosystem to name a few.
  3. Revenue -A digital rights, revenue and royalty management platform for all the content produced and acquired by SingularDTV.
  4. Fungibility - A TVOD Portal to distribute SingularDTV content similar to Google Play, Apple TV iTunes, and Vimeo. The tokens can be bought, sold and/or traded on exchanges or exchange contracts.
What is the 11 module entertainment ecosystem? How does it benefit artists?: The entertainment ecosystem is a series of applications, platforms and entities — an 11 module entertainment ecosystem — designed to put the power back into the artist’s hands by helping them manage and control the rights, revenue, royalties, and the rewards of their IP and tap into the funding power of a growing 100+ billion dollar crypto-community in a completely peer-to-peer, non-regionalized and universal distribution environment. The 11 modules include:
  1. TOKIT — Rights Management Gateway / Project Creation Application: The purpose of this gateway is to tokenize anything and everything. Here artist and creators can onboard their ideas — their IP, their projects — and create their own tokens programmed with the smart contracts that give them control over their rights, revenue, royalties and rewards. By on-boarding your project with Tokit, you can participate in the power of decentralized computing and interact within the SingularDTV entertainment economy and any other compatible applications on Ethereum. Along with modules, EtherVision, LaunchPad, Codex, and the Decentralized Exchange, it will launch this year.
  2. SingularDTV’s Exchange —SingularX: Tokit will be creating millions upon millions of tokenized ecosystems and tokens that represent art and IP; films, books, podcasts, music, anything and everything. In order for artists to “Be Your Own Economy”, a place to buy, sell and trade these tokens is vital. Because of this, SingularDTV is launching its own decentralized exchange for artists and creators.
  3. CODEX: SingularDTV’s research and design lab dedicated to the development and proliferation of tokenized ecosystems. It’s CODEX’s primary purpose to continually upgrade Tokit with Smart Contracts Systems and Tokenized Ecosystems that give more features and functions to artists and creators.
  4. Project Funding Launch Pad: Launch Pad acts as a place where you can begin to develop a worldwide audience and tap into the growing 100+ billion dollar crypto economy when your project is still in development. Think of the Launch Pad as a decentralized Kickstarter or IndieGogo but more dynamic and beneficial. Similar to Ethereum, where you can raise funds for various applications, seek pledges from the community, for any new project created, allowing money can be raised until the goal is reached or until a due date.
  5. Legal Repository: This is a repository for smart contracts that contains legal agreements to add more specificity to the terms and conditions of projects created in Tokit. Because there may be a hand-holding process to cross from centralized dealmaking into decentralized dealmaking, this legal repository will help to facilitate that as our programmers and the community continually update the repository with legal add-ons. Lawyers who think this module will put them out of a job, it will not, it will evolve your profession and take it to the next level, whatever that may be.
  6. Production Services/Crew: Acts as an AirBnB-style production services and crew hiring app. It allows you to connect directly with crew and services, see their ratings and reputations, determine an agreed price and hire them for your production.
  7. Equipment Rental: This module acts as an equipment rental service. You’re hard-pressed to find an independent production out there that doesn’t rent production equipment. It’s much cheaper to rent equipment than to buy it.
  8. Management: This module is called SingularDTV Management. This application fields offers to talent within the SingularDTV economy. Think of it as your automated, smart contract talent agent/manager.
  9. Digital Marketing: Within the interface of EtherVision resides SingularDTV’s Digital Marketing Application. This application was inspired by an experience one of our producers had with a past film when they gave a distributor $35,000 to implement and pay for a digital marketing campaign. This distributor hired a digital marketing company and paid them only $5,000 to administer the campaign. They pocketed $30,000! SingularDTV’s digital marketing application will put a stop to this type of theft. Our front-end interface connects to the backend of the digital marketing company, giving the creators a menu-like option of packages and territories to market your creations to. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending, where your money is going and you’ll receive the metrics on how effective your marketing is so you can make informed adjustments.
  10. Union Interface: SingularDTV’s Union Interface is our effort for blockchain to receive its own signatory classification. A good deal of independent productions are affected by the many various union rules, processes and pay scales. A blockchain designation in SAG, AFTRA, DGA, WGA, IATSE, Teamsters, etc., will benefit independent creators with a lower pay scale for crew and talent while at the same time bringing in more money to the unions due to the many efficiencies this interface can create. See here for more info by writedirector Michael Blieden.
  11. EtherVision: As the last and final step in the process of the decentralized exchange, once your project is tokenized, and when it’s ready to be seen by the world, you can create your own channel on EtherVision, our decentralized distribution portal.
What is the S-DTV Slack and how do I join? Slack is the chat platform we use to communicate with our supporters. Anyone can join and ask questions, leave comments, and find out the latest news. It's not uncommon to see CEO Zach LeBeau or other members of the S-DTV team contributing in the chat channels. If we aren't fighting spam attacks, you can easily join here: If the join site is down, please private message yeshe257, pauloaragaomelo, or me at u/shakedog with your email address and we'll send you an invite.
Why don't you have a whitepaper? By Zach LeBeau - "Technically, we've always seen whitepapers as academic documents. SingularDTV is a business engaged in launching products to empower artists and make money. [When SingularDTV had just formed, we created a document called the] Summary Overview - a business plan we released in June of 2016. It outlined our MVP and is now completely obsolete. What SingularDTV is putting together now are business plans and instruction manuals for each of our modules and applications. We are not yet making these documents public, for a variety of reasons, many of them strategic, especially because we have such a unique development ladder and execution strategy. One of our primary interests is increasing the value of the SNGLS token by creating applications of real utility and this strategy helps to ensure it. For a macro view of how everything works, please refer here or also to the Ethereal presentation video here."
"Another reason for not having a whitepaper out is so that those that may be into the smoke-and-mirrors don’t try to destroy the decentralized economy that we are building. It's a very delicate and sensitive thing to ignite an entertainment economy. We are building some very powerful tools that could be dangerous in the hands of those wanting to screw people over."
In the meantime, we're working on a new document.
"I was just thumbing through the technical [in-house] white paper today. We'll scale it down and create some sort of information document for the public. I don't think most people are interested in our system architecture, but I think we can consolidate public information and put it in one place. Any sections or specifics you think we should include, let us know."
More General Questions
Who Are We? SingularDTV is a decentralized entertainment studio building a new economy powered by blockchain technology. Via an innovative approach to the entire creative process, from development and funding through marketing and distribution, SingularDTV empowers artists to manage their IP and revenue flow, and to create a sustainable career built on a direct relationship with their audience, free of gatekeepers and intermediaries.
What Are We Building SingularDTV will achieve this goal through a suite of dapps (decentralized applications), that, when employed together, form the backbone of a new, global, peer-to-peer entertainment economy. The current slate of 17 dapps will empower content creators, arts organizations, and other IP holders with technological tools, grounded in blockchain and the powerful, emerging Ethereum protocol, to cover project funding, development, production, accounting, marketing, and distribution, all while building a tokenized ecosystem that engenders long term sustainability and financial success.
Where Are We Deploying? SingularDTV has principal offices in Zurich, Switzerland, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Shanghai, China, New York and Los Angeles, with additional tech and marketing teams in eastern Europe, New Zealand, South Korea, and South America. Unlike other entertainment studios or startups, SingularDTV’s goal is to deploy globally right from the start, inclusive of as many territories as possible. In line with these goals, the company has opened customer service centers in San Juan, Puerto Rico and China, with others in development.
When Will This New, Global Entertainment Economy Become A Reality? The SingularDTV Token Launch Event was held on October 2th, 2016, and since then, the company has grown from a small, core group of founders and developers, to a staff of over 50. Together, various teams are actively building five of the 17 proposed dapps, with all the others in the design stage. Five of the dapps are slated to launch in Q4, 2017, with the others releasing throughout 2018, and into early 2019.
Most Importantly, Why Are We Doing This? SingularDTV is not just a blockchain entertainment studio, but a passionate group of individuals joined together behind the vision of the decentralization movement. The mainstream entertainment industry currently supports a top-heavy, unsustainable, creatively stifling system, one that values supposed sure things over innovation or original ideas, and promotes murky business and accounting structures, income inequality, and a thick layer of aggregators and intermediaries who make a very good living at the expense of those actually creating and consuming the content. SingularDTV’s suite of applications are designed to disintermediate the industry. To place the creative and financial control into the artists’ hands, while equipping curators, distributors and patrons with new tools of engagement, and empowering audiences with direct access to the content they love, and gamechanging financial reward for their interest and attention.
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My concerns about SmartCash

Hello folks!
I have been doing a lot of reading about the SmartCash cryptocurrency recently. SmartCash claims to be a private cryptocurrency that also focuses on a community-centered model.
However, a lot of what I've found has concerned me.
But first - I'd like to invite anyone with an opposing point of view to share their opinions after reading this. I'm not in this to spread baseless accusations, I just want an educated conversation. Please do not downvote simply because you disagree; instead, read my post, make a comment and discuss the topic with me. I've sent PM's to several people who support SmartCash in order to let them make their opinions clear.
That said, let's go through this point by point - we'll start with the distribution.
From the official SmartCash website:
Traditional cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, reward only the miners while neglecting the other actors that play an active role in maintaining, developing and promoting the project. SmartCash is a community-centric cryptocurrency, where community and development comes first. 80% of the block reward has been allocated to fund SmartHive community proposals as well as the Hive Teams. 20% of the remaining block reward has been allocated to Mining (5%) and SmartRewards (15%).
In the name of staying unbiased, I am going to acknowledge my ideological beliefs about mining, as well as my own personal biases as a miner, that miners should receive 100% of the rewards for the work they did. With this out of the way, let's discuss the mathematics of SmartCash's block reward distribution.
80% goes to community projects, 15% goes to SmartRewards (staking equivalent, but not used for consensus), and 5% goes to the miners. In theory, this will lead to 95% less miners than normal, ensuring miners get paid roughly the same. In practice, this won't necessarily be true.
But the existence of fewer miners also presents many issues. There have been several 51% attacks against cryptocurrencies that give all block rewards to miners - Krypton in 2016, Feathercoin in 2013, and Dashcoin (a cryptonote fork DSH, not DASH) by MinerGate in April of 2017.
Chain consensus with SmartCash is determined entirely by proof of work, not proof of stake; therefore you do not need to own any coins in order to attack the network and achieve 51% hashrate.
In the case of a cryptocurrency that gives miners 5% of the block rewards, achieving 51% of nethash is quite easy, because fewer people will be mining. SmartCash's current network hashrate is 10 Th/s or 10 trillion hashes per second; a conservative estimate for a GTX 1080's hashrate is 1 Gh/s or 1 billion hashes per second. Therefore, the network is currently secured by the equivalent of 10,000 GTX 1080 GPUs.
Given that this GPU costs approximately $500, it would take about $5 million to conduct a 51% attack on the network. At nicehash prices of ~0.3 BTC/TH/S/Day, this would cost ~$60,000 per day, taking into account a necessary raise in the offered price to 'persuade' more people to switch to Keccak algo, as only 2TH/s is currently for sale on Nicehash.
Even worse, Keccak (Smartcash’s hashing algorithm) was specifically designed to be ASIC-friendly. From the official Keccak website:
Keccak, the winner of the SHA-3 competition, is blazing fast when implemented on dedicated (ASIC) or programmable (FPGA) hardware.
So if somebody ever modified a Keccak ASIC for mining, it would also be easy to conduct a 51% attack.
Let’s move on. Remember how they said that 80% of the block rewards go to a community fund? That address is here, and it controls 55% of the SmartCash in existence. This address is used to fund proposals that are voted on by the community. The problem is that the private key to this address is owned by the developers - and regardless of their past honesty, this system still requires trust in them. A trust-required system is directly contrary to the principles of cryptocurrency. The developers, despite your trust in them, could still sell some of those coins at any time.
Next up we'll discuss SmartCash's privacy. SmartCash uses the Zerocoin protocol for privacy, as it was forked from Zcoin. Zerocoin breaks the link between sender and receiver, but unlike Zerocash and ringCT, it does not hide the transaction amount. Furthermore, SmartCash's privacy is optional, and it is transparent by default. Transparency by default is bad for the following reasons:
(1) it reduces the anonymity set
(2) it makes private transactions inherently more suspicious
(3) it allows sender to harm the privacy of recipient
(4) it makes it impossible to hide your wealth
(5) it makes the currency non-fungible.
My last concern with SmartCash is the coin distribution. Currently, as shown on the SmartCash Rich List, the top 100 addresses control 98.42% of funds. This is a highly unbalanced situation, and it also means that the vast majority of SmartCash wealth is held by a small number of people. With Bitcoin, the top 100 addresses control roughly 32% of funds, which is not perfect, but certainly much better.
In summary, SmartCash is a great idea - a private, community-oriented cryptocurrency - but it is executed in a suboptimal manner.
I would be happy to hear your opinions on this, whether you agree or disagree.
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UEBOT Live Trading on 03/05/2019: Opening position floating profit 2.72%

UEBOT Live Trading on 03/05/2019: Opening position floating profit 2.72%
UEBOT is a service with expect average compound annual return of investment exceeds 150%. It is a Cloud-based Automated Bitcoin Trading Service, users do not need to downloads, install and deploy software and R&D transaction strategies. Only need to provide the exchange account API KEY to start the quantitative transaction, ensuring that the assets on the account are completely managed by the customer, and the user who has completed the real-name authentication can try it for free for 1 year.

UEBOT uses the API KEY created by the users from cryptocurrency exchange account, and only can use for purchase and sell transaction. The whole process automatically performs the trading operation on behalf of the user in its cryptocurrency exchange account. UEBOT will do a lot of market in the process of automated trading and will also short the market, as long as the market is volatile, there will be profit opportunities.

In order to let more investors understand how the trading strategy of UEBOT – Cloud-based Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot Service works, we continuously update the trading signals generated by the market analysis engine and the Bitfinex real trading data very day.

Today's real trading data
The market analysis engine triggered the multi-signal at 23:14 on the 2th and completed the position deployment at 23:24. Today UEBOT quantitative trading robot instance positions waiting for trading signals

The following is today’s detailed transaction data
Opening date: 03/05/2019
Opening position currency: BTC/USD
Opening position direction: long
Average opening position price: 5778USD
Opening position principal:5.33 BTC
Number of opening positions: 10.94 BTC
Opening position leverage: 2 times
Current price:5860USD
Position profit and loss (%): =2.72%=1.36%X 2
Position profit and loss ($): 857 USD

The following is a screenshot of Bitfinex's actual position:
Summary of real trading data
Start date: 10/19/2018
Running days: 196 days
Initial principal: 5.00 BTC
Current principal: 5.33 BTC
Cumulative yield: 6.6% (0.33 BTC)

The following is a real-quantity trading account details page of UEBOT management platform.
This article is only for communication and sharing. It does not constitute any investment advice. There are risks in the currency market, please invest with spare money and bear the losses by yourself!
Official website:
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Not worth Mining anymore?

Now that the difficulty is so high, Is it worth it for beginners to start mining?
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Mining Bitcoin w/ the World's 2nd Smallest Bitcoin Miner! Good or Bad? 3 TH/s Bitcoin Mining Rig part 1 Lamerio Bitcoin Cloud Mining Website 2020 Lamerio 2nd ... New 2nd Bitcoin game Earning game 2020 - YouTube WORLD FASTEST - BITCOIN ASIC - TERRAMINER IV - COINTERRA ...

Bitmain Unveils 2 Bitcoin Miners With Max Speeds Up to 110TH/s Per Unit . On Thursday, the China-based mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of two new Antminer S19 series models ... Bitcoin balances on major exchanges have hit their lowest point since November 2018. Yet unlike that time, it may be a positive signal. Sicherlich hat ein gefundener Bitcoin-Block mit 25 BTC heute einen Wert von ca. 10.000,– €, aber die Wahrscheinlichkeit mit 100 TH/s einen Block zu finden ist sehr gering. Das Bitcoin-Mining-Netzwerk hat enorme Wachstumsraten hinter sich und man konkurriert mit den Bigplayern der Mininghardware-Branche. Jeder der sich Hashleistung für das Solo-Mining mietet, sollte sich daher seiner ... Bitcoin’s previous two halvings (in 2012 and 2016) had a major long-term impact on the price of the digital asset. While prices didn’t immediately shoot up on the day of the halving, they rose ... Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH.

[index] [11310] [49138] [3643] [11279] [25944] [38280] [17873] [25504] [32594] [13141]

Mining Bitcoin w/ the World's 2nd Smallest Bitcoin Miner! Good or Bad?

New video every Tuesday! Today we are taking a look at the Gekkoscience NewPac USB miner. We'll check all the hardware you need for setting it up, discuss so... Register here for the best earning opportunity and free live training from some of the industries top leaders Mining Bitcoin w/ the World's 2nd Smallest Bitcoin Miner! Good or Bad? DrUnlimited. Loading... Unsubscribe from DrUnlimited? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 94.1K ... New 2nd Bitcoin game Earning game 2020 Hello Friends! Assalam-o-alaikum! This video is about Bitcoin game this game is for earning game so you are play in ... The CME Bitcoin futures market overtook Binance Futures to become the second-biggest Bitcoin ( BTC ) futures exchange by open interest. The data shows that t...