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Have You Heard of This Bitcoin Thing?

Don’t go burning your cash or cutting up your credit cards anytime soon. While awareness of bitcoin and other virtual currencies is on the rise, Americans don’t seem in any hury to actually use them. The WSJ reports that a new survey, from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and the Massachusetts Division of Banks, found that just over half of those surveyed knew of bitcoin and other currencies, yet just 3% had said they used it.
The CSBS survey was takenn May, and questioned 1,000 online consumers. i
The WSJ offers up these survey findings:
"…the findings aren’t surprising; men, for instance, were more likely (64%) than women (38%) to be aware of virtual currencies. Only a limited number said they’d buy or use them – 65% of the overall respondents said they were “unlikely” to ever use them. Younger respondents were more likely to have purchased bitcoins or other currencies, and Hispanics (30%) and African Americans (24%) were also more likely than whites (14%) to be willing to purchase virtual currencies.
While people in households where the income is over $100,000 were more likely to have heard of bitcoin (70%) than those in lower-income households (43%), they were less likely to say they’d purchase bitcoins (11%) than those in households with incomes of less than $100,000 (19%)."
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currencies. Virtual currencies include cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and litecoin, which are not legal tender and are not issued or backed by any central bank or governmental authority. Virtual currencies have legitimate purposes and can be purchased, sold, and exchanged with other types of virtual currencies or real currencies like the U.S. dollar. This can happen through various ... Bitcoin and some other virtual currencies are decentralised, which means that they operate independently of a third-party institution. This is a revolutionary innovation that has piqued the ... A digital currency is nothing more than a virtual banknote or coin that exists in a digital wallet on your smartphone instead of a billfold or a purse. The value of the digital currency is backed by the state, just like traditional fiat currency. China has already rolled out a pilot program for a digital version of the yuan. The government can easily track digital payments. As Bloomberg put it ... Awareness of Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies Over half of respondents (51 percent) said they had heard of Bitcoin or another virtual currency. Among those who heard of virtual currency, the most common sources of information were the Internet (54 percent) followed by television (25 percent). A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are...

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You can trade fiat currency for virtual but not the other way around. Cryptocurrency: Can be exchanged freely to fiat currency and back 6: Security Virtual currency (in general): Has very low ... The currency was launched in 2015, and although it’s less than two years on the market, it has already become Bitcoin’s top rival. In the last 12 months, this virtual currency has risen from ... Bitcoin skyrocketed in value from less than a penny in 2010 to nearly $20,000 in late 2017. Then it spent 2018 in a freefall crash. So, what happened? Is it dead? Can it survive in 2019? Bitcoin ... Other than bitcoin there is a number of cryptocurrencies that one can invest in. A number of them have been on the market and perfoming very well. One needs some basic knowledge on how this works ... The future of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Virtual Currencies and Regulation in an Evolving Landscape (Day 1 Panel 2). New York Public Hearing (1/28/2014). New York Public Hearing (1/28/2014 ...