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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Industry News – (06.21.19 – 06.28.19)

Total Market Cap, as of 06.28.19 at 12:00pm (PST): $338,763,908,761 (+11.29%)

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• On June 26th, 2019 at 20:45 UTC, Coinbase was hit with an outage amidst high volatility. The platform was rendered inaccessible on mobile and desktop browsers until 9:17 UTC where it was back to being operational. During this time, the price of Bitcoin experienced a downturn and users could not have access to there funds store in Coinbase wallets.


Huobi Global aims to expand operations to service Turkish users. By the end of 2019, the exchange plans to offer a crypto-to-fiat onramp, localized products and dedicated customer service.
Bitfinex launches margin derivatives trading for cryptocurrencies. Qualified Bitfinex account holders will be able to trade a new hedging product through a derivatives wallet, utilizing USDt-based collateral and up to 100x leverage.
• Indian based crypto exchange Koinex ceases operations over regulatory challenges. The exchange plans to refund frozen deposits to bank accounts over the next 5 weeks. Users are asked to empty their cryptocurrency wallets by July 15th, 2019.
• Irish cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane suspected of an exit scam worth millions in euros. The platform went offline on June 17, 2019 and its Twitter and Facebook accounts have since been deleted.
• Singaporean exchange Bitrue gets hacked, losing 9.3 million Ripple (XRP) and 2.5 million Cardano (ADA) extracted from its hot wallets.


• The CFTC has approved bitcoin derivatives provider LedgerX to offer physically settled bitcoin futures contracts. On June 25th, 2019 LedgerX received a designated contract market licence DCM) which allows them to offer the new futures contracts.
• The Europol arrested six individuals arrested over a “typo squatting” scam where a well-known cryptocurrency exchange (unnamed) was cloned in order to attain access to unsuspecting victim’s cryptocurrency wallets.
• The government of Iran puts pressure on power grids and forcing officials to cut off supplies to cryptocurrency mining farms. The Iran Power Ministry is considering enforcing a tariff on miners and over 1,000 bitcoin miners have already been seized from two mining farms.


Opera releases “Opera Touch”, a browser with a built-in crypto wallet. This lets user interact seamlessly with dApps built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports all ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
Overstock’s tZero launches a digital wallet and exchange app for cryptocurrencies on IOS. The new app, dubbed “tZero Crypto” claims to be hack-resistant for trading and storing cryptocurrencies. Initially, the application will support Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).


Apex Crypto – a subsidiary of Apex Clearing, a SEC-registered financial clearing and execution company have launched a trading platform for broker-dealers and financial advisors. The platform will support trading for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). PEOPLE
• Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini hires five former employees of Coinbase whom was working on an individual focused cryptocurrency trading solution which has since shut down as of April 2019. The new hires will be focused on the exchange’s professional trading platform and custody solution.


@hodlonaut – “New Bitcoin hashrate ATH yesterday. The network is now secured by more than 57 quintillion sha256 hashes every second. The magnitude of this is hard to grasp. Never before has wealth been stored with such security. This drives BTC price. Which drives hashrate. Bitcoin won.” 🚀
@TimDraper – “Would you switch airlines to get rewarded in bitcoin rather than airline miles?”
@ErikVoorhees – “Keep buying bitcoin until CNBC says to buy it.”
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08-13 02:31 - 'I'm going to ask for an unconventional way that I need you guys to help me!' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Proxyfier removed from /r/Bitcoin within 13-18min

Hi, My name is B and I'm 28 and I have been going through a very rough time the past 6 years just to give you an example of how my life went right I finished studying to become a pilot in florida and passed with flying colors and it was time to go back home Jan 2012 my brother got married and I started looking for a job immediately next week when it wa like 50 C at night I went into my room to change left my phones, passport and wallet on the bed and the bag that contains all of my certificates nest to the bed and as soon as I turned the AC a fire exploded underneath my bed I panicked and tried water immediately not knowing that because its an electricity fire it would make it worse any how thank God no one was in the house and the fire spread insanely so I ran wearing only my boxers to the next house to call 911 because I have left all my 3 phones on the bed along with the other things and when they arrived EVERYTHING was Gone not only the room the entire 2 floors of the house; so I had nothing now no pilot license no passport just nothing,,, don't want to bother you more with this I worked hard and got those things replaced and fixed the house it took me 2 months but it was done. Just after that in May,17,2012 I went for my medical check as pilots do and a day after the doctor called and asked to see my and he wasn't looking happy and was so serious, so I asked what's wrong doctor did something come back bad it's ok tell me please! That's when he informed me that I have a tumor in my liver and that I need to get treated immediately and put everything aside even my planing to go and start flying in greece to convert my FAA to EASA pilot licence that was already paid and non-refundable; back to the issue of my health situation I smiled and said doctor God put me through this for a reason so please let's discuss treatment and we started talking that it was a very acute thing that happens rarely and attacks quickly so we can work with to medicines that are very strong one Orally and the other by shots of some sort of chemo but told me that people who had tried it stopped because of the sever side effects (sleeplessness-red eyes- dehydration- deep depression, etc.) but If I can handle it we can contain it within 4-6 months and warned me that only 4% of patients had a success rate doing so!!! that other is much less aggressive and last a year and so. Any how my answer to him doc let's start now with the first choice and I'm telling you count me in among the 4% you told me about and I might even beat their record lol he laughed and said optimism is good but don't let it turn against you when it doesn't happen!!! I SAID I know It will happen this is just a rest God had given to me to relax :) Fast Forward 4 months later I WAS TOTALLY CLEAR and my liver was like brand new the doctors were shocked of course I wasn't the same guy I lost 35 kgs and lost a lot of hair but I'm Healthy "Thank you God" <3 to the next subjects and I'll make as quick as I can went to greece didn't work out and there had y passport stolen and a car accident :s anyhow went back to Jordan where I'm from originally and went to Royal Jordanian airlines applied and nothing happened because here if you want to get hired you need some big shot from the inside so to the final part that I want you help guys in if you can of course: I have fell in love with a great girl and I do love her to death and got engaged and wanted money so I can marry her and have an income so I had some cash but no job so I thought why not bitcoinmining and I bought 20 Antminers S7's appr +15000$ and when it came in I figured that I had to work a lot with the electricity which costed me another $1200 and an AC with ducts for the heat for the miners and still I'm not getting what I expected and half of them go down all the time I tried everything and now I'm penniless BROKE and I'm suppose to start paying for the hall and wedding planner and her dress and an apartment and at least a 3 day vacation so please community put yourself in my situation when my family don't wanna support because they think I went into this bitcoinmining insanely although I still believe about it and I'll fix it and bitcoin will be something big in the near future all I'm asking if you all can please help me by making small donations to my wallet one by one you never know you may change my life and help me be with my soulmate for ever and make a life start for both of us any thing you can donate will add up and I promise if this happened and works I'll build a bitcoin donation website for normal people like us but just are going through bad times so please everyone help out I would owe everything to you <3 Please help me raise the money by donating to my bitcoin wallet plz : (19Vzh6peDGLmQJHHYQRTFfPkmGhEJpnFHg)
I'm going to ask for an unconventional way that I need you guys to help me!
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I've been implementing bitcoin for over a year, the biggest fixable problems are...

The following post makes a number of great points, some of which are frustrating for bitcoin payment processors.
The following critical issues need to be addressed and solutions will dramatically improve the experience for all participants.
Wallets not supporting BIP70 (payment protocol) - Payment protocol is a great feature of Bitcoin, the problem is that very few wallets support it. I've talked to several wallet providers (leadership and developers) and it simply doesn't seem to be urgent for them to add BIP70 support.
Adding BIP70 support to all wallets will enable Bitcoin to work in certain scenarios where exiting payment method implementations/models (based on CC auth and capture) make Bitcoin integration difficult without a (potentially costly) redesign of the process. BIP70 wallets also make it impossible for the wallet user to send the wrong amount or to change the address (in either case, the result is known as a payment exception which makes users upset and costs merchants and payment processors time and money as they fix the problem).
One such scenario is any purchase process that requires the management of a limited inventory of product (e.g., tickets). In this scenario the CC auth and capture process allows the inventory to be locked up between the auth and capture - for the merchant this can ensure availability of product for the customer, or maximizing of revenue if the product price is sensitive to market conditions (e.g., airline tickets). Another such scenario is when auth and capture is separated in time and perhaps distributed among partner businesses (the payment is collected by one business but the fulfillment is done by a partner).
Bitcoin payment protocol specifies that the wallet generate a refund address to provide with the payment transaction. The payment processor can receive this refund address and provide automation for sending refunds without human intervention. With this automation payment processors can implement an auth-capture loop. The payment is initially sent through the payment processor to the merchant. If there is an issue on the merchant side, the merchant can issue an immediate refund request effectively reversing the transaction (miner fees incurred by both the customer and payment processor). The equivalent of the store cashier handing paper money back to the customer on the spot. [there may be a more "elegant" way to handle this using a multi-signature transaction capability but the parties are the customer and the merchant and it's not immediately obvious how the transaction can be signed by the merchant - this is a more complex solution]
All wallets should be required to provide payment protocol support and this should be enforced when the wallet connects to the network.
Lack of Bitcoin address state (ability to prevent a bitcoin transaction from being created) - Sending bitcoin payments through a payment gateway offered by a payment processor is sensitive to (1.) the context of the customer transaction (timing and fulfillment constraints) and (2.) any risk being assumed by the payment processor on behalf of the merchant (elimination of price volatility for the merchant). In the merchant system orders must be paid for or they are expired and removed from the system (or not "tabled"). The problem is that bitcoin addresses are "always open". A bitcoin address can receive a payment right now, 2 hours from now, or next year. The problem this creates is that a payment could arrive late - after the order in the merchant system has closed. When this happens the customer needs to be issued a refund. This sounds fairy straight-forward but often results in frustration for customers (especially new bitcoin users) who need to track down their payment information, provide it to an inexperienced merchant CSR, and who has to interact with the payment processor to issue the refund. Much of time this is done after the merchant has deleted the order and so there is no record in their system of either the order or the payment (a real challenge for merchant CSRs). Again, time and money spent on something that should be automated.
If Bitcoin implemented the ability for the owner of the address to "close the address" from accepting payments then the wallet could query this address status at the time the destination address is validated and reject the composition of a transaction with a notice to the user. This simple change would prevent late payments from being sent since the payment processor could close the address at the time they stop monitoring the address for payments to arrive.
Addressing these two items would go along way toward preventing errors in payments which cost customer, merchants, and payment processors a great deal of pain.
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